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3DS Friend code: 2277-6643-5272 If you add me message me yours so we can be friends

I grew up deprived of videogames, all I ever wanted was an NES and my parents said no way. So as soon as I moved out I bought a Nintendo 64 and haven't looked back since. I love most types of games, mainly shooters, action and Nintendo first party stuff. The only genre I don't dig is JRPG's, I can't get into turn-based action. I don't game as much as I used to, now that I've got a time-consuming job and live with my girlfriend and dog. But I still manage to play a bit, usually sitting on the couch next to my special lady friend as she plays "Sally's Salon" and that type of stuff on her iPhone. Talk shit about casual iPhone games all you want but my girl was not a gamer at all when I met her and through the iPhone she has become more hardcore than me! I have felt her wrath if I interrupt her as she's trying to beat a tough level of "Diner Dash." Now we happily game together (Rock Band) and seperately while still hanging out.

Other than gaming, I work as a television news photographer in Seattle and try to make music videos in my spare time. This is a link to one I'm especially proud of, if you're interesed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MngWu3Pyk78

I'm always looking for more online friends, I'm not super hardcore but I don't completely suck. The only game I will destroy you in is Mario Kart Wii battle mode. Go ahead and challenge me if you don't believe me.
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Last year the shift at my job changed so I'm working overnights which some days leaves me with lots of free time. To relieve boredom I decided to start a videogame blog and scoured the internet to find the right home. After being turned off by the discourse on most sites I discovered Destructoid to have a very smart, funny and supportive community. And even though I don't post regularly I am always blown away by the thoughtful comments you guys all leave on my writings. Thank you all so much for creating this safe, welcoming place for videogame enthusiasts to write and share thoughts.

I was prompted to write this note after meeting with my dad last week. He said he enjoys reading my blog, even though he has no clue what I'm talking about, because of the comments from the community. He was impressed by how nice everyone is, saying most of his experience with internet posters is negative. I wanted to share that with all of you, and thank you all for making Destructoid a great place.

Special shout out to Elsa who went out of her way to make me feel welcome when I first joined the site.

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