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Beyond Good and Evil is easily my favorite game of the last generation. The combination of graphics, characters, music and variety of gameplay added up to one of the most immersive video game worlds ever created. It was far ahead of it's time in 2003. I've been anxiously awaiting the HD remake and downloaded it as soon as it was relased on Xbox Live. As I fired it up for the first time, the soothing strains of the theme music instantly brought the memories flooding back. After a few minutes of playing, however, another memory came back to me. One so traumatic that I had blocked it from my mind: the horror of BG&E's camera controls.

Maybe it's because I was weaned on Microsoft Flight Simulator but for whatever reason it is mandatory for my in game camera to be inverted. I cannot play with a camera set to normal. So when I first started walking around Hillys I noticed the camera wasn't inverted. I went to the settings and changed the camera to "reversed." Diving back into the game I pressed down on the thumbstick, the camera went up, then I pressed left on the thumbstick and the camera went right. "Huh?" I thought. I went back into the options to try to fix the camera settings and realized there's no option to seperately change the Y and X axis. So since I want my Y axis inverted, the only option is to reverse the X axis as well. After another 30 minutes of wandering into walls, the camera not responding the way I wanted it to I was instantly transported back to my tiny apartment in 2003, playing this game on the Gamecube and having the exact same problem. I remember I finally got used to it but I can't believe they didn't update this option along with the graphics. It's 2011, people! It was frustrating enough that I cut my gameplay session short.

I wish I had more to talk about in this impression but I only put about an hour into the game. Once I get used to the borked camera I'm sure I'll be drawn back into the world. The game still looks great, plays great, sounds great. I remember the combat getting repetitive but for now I'm really enjoying it. And just piloting the hovercraft around taking pictures of creatures is so much fun to do all over again in lush HD. This game is truly great, everyone should pick it up. It's just a shame that they put so much time into updating it to look modern and yet they didn't fix a simple thing like camera controls. I worry that the clunky camera will put off gamers checking out the demo, and that's a shame. BG&E deserves to reach a wide audience and hopefully renewed interest will speed the development of a sequel.

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