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Dadud avatar 10:32 PM on 01.01.2009  (server time)
My somewhat Biased Runescape Review

Woo, Welcome to the new year. I have a little thing i want to try, and that is to try writing some reviews. Sure, i might fuck up, but bear with me and post some Comments and Criticism.

Runescape. The last game anyone wants to be caught playing. Everyone gives it a bad rep due to the idiots that rampage around its servers, and the horrible graphics it has. Well, i hope to give it another chance. Every new years, i have a little tradition. I've gone on, and had a little new years party at one of the taverns. I drop a ton of gold and let everyone go wild. Ive done this tradition since 2001, thing is, i haven't played Runescape regularly since 2005. Last night, i log on, not to the horrible eyesore it once was, but to something different. The graphics were apparently majorly overhauled. They look great, and now im actually playing it so much, i spent all day, since 8 AM this morning, to a couple of minutes ago.

Since im getting tired of this, ill wrap this up and break this up into parts.

So, Graphics on a scale of 1-10. Formerly 1-2. Now 6. Go check it out, and stay tuned.

Tomorrow: Quests

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