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My favorite games: Armed Assault, Operation Flashpoint, Call of Duty series, The Sims series, Fable, BFME series, Battlefield Series, Roller coaster Tycoon series, Transport Tycoon (Oldie but a goody), World of Warcraft (Sorry blizzard, i use only private servers because im cheap) and most of all. Command and Conquer series

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4:52 PM on 06.06.2010

My friends trying to get a new gamertag.. He thought up "The Grapest". Unfortunatly, Microsoft wont allow it. Heres his letter to XBL Support

Congratulations, Xbox Live, on screwing personal identity in the posterior. I just spent several hours trying to come up with a Gamertag which referenced Whitest Kids You Know's "The Grapest" short. After hundreds of failed--and often absurdly obscure--attempts which told me the Gamertag was "in use," I realized that the service was, in fact, raping me.

What was really happening, you see, is that Xbox Live was blocking the word "rape" in every possible way, shape, and form. Which means I can't even call myself a freaking grape.

I find this highly offensive, as I consider myself entitled to the ability of naming myself after a god damned fruit. For Christ's sake, I live in America. Apparently freedom of speech doesn't allow me to say rape on Xbox Live.

I find this rather ironic, considering the most adequate description for the hindrances placed on Gamertag diversity involves the word "rape" and "ass."

Thanks for raping my identity. In the ass.

The Grapest

1:55 PM on 11.18.2009

Its been, roughly a year since i've used my dtoid account, im sure no one cares but i thought i might as well update everyone about my status right now. My gaming computer died, im in the process of saving up money to build an all new one. Im hoping to have that all done by christmas. I love Forza 3, its an amazing game and i recommend it, to anyone. Uh, as my ADD is kicking in, imma finish off. So yeah. bye.

Woo, Welcome to the new year. I have a little thing i want to try, and that is to try writing some reviews. Sure, i might fuck up, but bear with me and post some Comments and Criticism.

Runescape. The last game anyone wants to be caught playing. Everyone gives it a bad rep due to the idiots that rampage around its servers, and the horrible graphics it has. Well, i hope to give it another chance. Every new years, i have a little tradition. I've gone on, and had a little new years party at one of the taverns. I drop a ton of gold and let everyone go wild. Ive done this tradition since 2001, thing is, i haven't played Runescape regularly since 2005. Last night, i log on, not to the horrible eyesore it once was, but to something different. The graphics were apparently majorly overhauled. They look great, and now im actually playing it so much, i spent all day, since 8 AM this morning, to a couple of minutes ago.

Since im getting tired of this, ill wrap this up and break this up into parts.

So, Graphics on a scale of 1-10. Formerly 1-2. Now 6. Go check it out, and stay tuned.

Tomorrow: Quests

Yeah, i bought a 360 a few weeks ago. Now i regret buying it. I was going to buy either a 360, or a PS3. I bought it back when they had the supply issues. I went to like 5 stores looking for one. I told myself if they didn't have it at the last store i looked at, i was going to get a PS3. Well, target had it, and i bought it. I feel stupid for buying it now. I probably wont get a PS3 now, because the Xbox 360 was the last thing game related my dad was going to buy for me, as i need to get a job soon. I'm pissed off because Gran Turismo 5 and MGS4 look kick ass.

9:32 AM on 12.16.2007

Nothing to fucking do, and all this anticipation. Days seem longer, and nerves wear down faster. It seems like all i do is bitch at everyone who pisses me off, or tries to fuck with me. 9 days until i get 250$ so i can upgrade my computer, and hopefully after i buy the parts, i can play more games, faster.

I went to Wal-mart today looking for Hellgate London today. Unfortunately, they were out of stock and I wasn't going to leave empty handed so i bought the World of Warcraft battle chest. I'm playing that, and i'm probably not going to stop until my hands blister or i die from overdosing on caffeine. If anyone plays on Area 52, and wants to help me out i'm a level 11 Orc. And as usual, I'm using the nickname Dadud