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Daddygerplex's blog

2:16 PM on 07.01.2008

Competition time! COD4 PS3 EURO MAP PACK OMG!

I have managed to scrounge up a code for the European version of the COD4 PS3 Map Pack.

I have checked it to see if it was still valid, but did not accept the download. I have the 360 map pack so its no use to me.

So ummm... fuck it i dunno. Just post some random shit and i will choose whomever makes me lol the most i will PM them the code.

REMEMBER! This is for the European version the code will NOT work on the US version of the game.

Have fun!   read

8:11 PM on 03.26.2008

Videogaming Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.

Ahh finally the results of the big bad UK government report by Tanya Byron into videogaming has been finished according to the Times.

And it looks like the UK might have cigarette style warnings on videogames. What the fuck would it say? On Soul Calibur 4 will it say


But i digress. On a serious note i don't know what to think. My initial reaction was "WTF? Big Brother goverment bullshit" and then proceeded to start this blog up to piss and whine about it.
However whilst badly editing the above picture i started to think back to the countless amount of times instore where i have had to selling a blatantly 18 rated to a parent to give to there little child in a pushchair to shut them up for a few hours. Whenever you point out "You do know its a 18 rated game?" they always reply with either "He has seen worse" or "DONT TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY KIDS"
A big fucking blatant warning on the front might finally get there attention.

I do agree with alot of what was said in the report though. The European PEGI ratings are a bunch of crap. I often get customers asking me "Does the 3+ rating mean its easy?" "Does the 3+ mean its a kids game?" The fact that say Crash Bandicoot gets the same rating as Gran Turismo just confuses them.

[b]Crash Bandicoot is obvious.
Kids game + Easy difficulty = 3+

Gran Turismo
Driving game + Hard as fuck = 3+ ??????????????????

Retarded yes but after working in videogames retail for 5 years i have an insight into how people think.

On my final point at the end of the Times article and i quote:

"She also wants all games consoles to contain blocking mechanisms that would enable parents to prevent children playing unsuitable games on them."

SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I must have been dreaming all those parental locks on all my games consoles, especially the Wii that for some reason tells me that Parental locks are finally available every time i update the firmware.

Makes me wonder if she has actually... you know... seen a current games console.

Jim Sterling will surely have something to say about it all soon anyways   read

6:39 AM on 03.03.2008

Congratulations Losy Odyssey!

You are the first game to successfully make me cry like the little bitch that i am.

Seriously the only other time i have been this moved was at the end of MGS3, but even then i didnt shed a tear. But for some reason i have got really into Lost Odyssey (i hated Blue Dragon) and seem to really connect with the characters and the storyline.

Mocketh if you will!

But has any other game made you weep?


3:59 AM on 02.26.2008

Keep Manhunt 2 away from the UK. Seriously. Or i will cry ;-(

Firstly i must state that i am against censorship. I am deeply saddened that my great country for years has told me what is/is not suitable in films.

Half of my DVD collection are Region 1 imports to get around the stupid censorship of seemingly random things.

We all know the MH2 debacle in the UK so i wont get into that.

However the reason i want MH2 to stay banned is a completely selfish reason that i am not proud of. I know by wishing this i am going against everything i stand for but ffs for my own sanity i hope it sticks.


Yes. I know it is considered "trendy" by the tabloids to bitch about chavs, but seriously working in videogame retail in the UK you get to witness them first hand.

MH2 if it ever comes out will instantly be number one in the sales charts. I can garauntee it, and Rockstar knows it. After the original was pulled off sale by one shop, sale sky rocketed:


Who gives a fuck if the game is any good or not. I am just sick of stupid fucks buying games because they are supposed to be "naughty"

You wouldnt believe the amount of people that came in asking for "Bully" only for me to say "You mean Canis Canem Edit?" and they give me a look like i have raped there mothers.
They wanted the game Bully where you went around bullying kids and shitting on there faces (or whatever the tabloids claimed at the time) not some faggy "Canis Canem Edit" latin shite.

If i could punch in the face every parent who i have had to blatantly sold them 18 rated games to then give them to there small pushchaired child, then i would be in prison right now probably getting bummed.

Of course again i am being a hypocrit. For when i was a young lad i searched out of the infamous 1980 tabloid "Video nasties" such as:

So i can see the attraction in seeing what her majestys government deem socially unnaceptable for me.

It just all boils down to me wishing that Manhunt 2 was somehow an amazing game that deserves to be released, something that i could get behind, something that will make a landmark change if it ever gets released.

At the moment though its just a overhyped shitty stealth game.   read

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