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7:59 PM on 03.11.2013

EA is a parasite, the single most infuriating company that I have ever seen.

This isn't going to be the longest of blogs, more of a short-ish rant about what the hell happened to the people buying the damn games being the ones that should be pleased.

SimCity? More like SimCity : MMO.
Not anything remotely like I would have hoped from a franchise so very dear to my heart, there may be a shred of good gameplay in there, but the sheer audacity of EA thinking that releasing an unfinished product is A-OH FUCKING KAY. An online SimCity wouldn't be so bad if it was optional, at this point it's nothing more than a glorified SimCity Societies (and what a tasty morsel of gameplay that was) Did you learn nothing from Diablo 3? Did you learn nothing from Randy Bullshot Pitchford? Probably not. Unfinished games are an insult to those consumers that you rely on your for wageslip, biting off the hand that feeds EA is something they seem to enjoy doing.

As a consumer/gamer (their source of money), you'd think your opinion would make a blind bit of difference, but alas you don't matter. The idea of a consumer is gone, we are just seen as walking banks that will throw cash at any damned product that has a fancy promotional video.

News reports over the past few weeks highlight how ignorant and greedy EA have become.


and ofcourse, let's not forget their backhanded SimCity apologies, which quite frankly come off as more insulting than anything else.

This. This is what is wrong, why do they believe that we don't want to work for our achievements and progress? We just want to throw money at them now do we? Well last I checked I personally would rather buy a product and work my way through it than have the easy route of pay-to-finish, which is what is basically happening.

Micro transactions work wonderfully in a free-to-play format, you don't have he initial outlet so the format feels almost more comfortable with me? I don't know, if I buy a game I usually want that to be the end of my expenditure, barring any DLC I may want to grab. I don't want the 45 product to be the start of my spending spree, followed by a ton of 2-5 transactions (which to me, isn't even that micro).

EA are probably the leaders in the next video game crash, this is my major worry.

It's nothing new either, in my opinion Sims 3 is one of the most featureless and insanely obvious cash grabs in a long time. I enjoyed the Sims 2, each expansion felt rich with content. In Sims 3? I get a half working sort of wonky set of non-features and some items, followed by a spam fest of stuff packs. (Irrelevant due to the awesome modding community) I stupidly gave EA around 60 over christmas because of passion for the Sims, but once the novelty wares off the garing lack of value becomes hugely apparent.

I am just confused, EA went from a reasonably okay company with some nice titles, to nothing but a bank that produces half assed content at a premium price.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Welcoming opinions, however different they may be.

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