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EA? go screw yourself.

EA is a parasite, the single most infuriating company that I have ever seen. This isn't going to be the longest of blogs, more of a short-ish rant about what the hell happened to the people buying the damn games being the ...


They're coming outta the goddamn walls.

I am feeling the whole War Z thing all over again with this Randy debacle. Guy promises amazing content, we get the complete opposite to which Randy feigns complete ignorance in the subject. You fucked up dude, just admit...


Why I love "new" Dante and DmC.

First blog, please don't kill me with sharp sticks. Up until about a week from release I had absolutely no interest in the new Devil May Cry release, I was in the "It's not Dante GTFO" crowd for a while. The whole Dante re...


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QA Tester, Avid Gamer, Vita Lover, Indie Games and ALLLL the games.

I will probably on post an article when I am particularly invested in an issue/something of amazeballs interest.


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