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7:59 PM on 03.11.2013

EA? go screw yourself.

EA is a parasite, the single most infuriating company that I have ever seen.

This isn't going to be the longest of blogs, more of a short-ish rant about what the hell happened to the people buying the damn games being the ones that should be pleased.

SimCity? More like SimCity : MMO.
Not anything remotely like I would have hoped from a franchise so very dear to my heart, there may be a shred of good gameplay in there, but the sheer audacity of EA thinking that releasing an unfinished product is A-OH FUCKING KAY. An online SimCity wouldn't be so bad if it was optional, at this point it's nothing more than a glorified SimCity Societies (and what a tasty morsel of gameplay that was) Did you learn nothing from Diablo 3? Did you learn nothing from Randy Bullshot Pitchford? Probably not. Unfinished games are an insult to those consumers that you rely on your for wageslip, biting off the hand that feeds EA is something they seem to enjoy doing.

As a consumer/gamer (their source of money), you'd think your opinion would make a blind bit of difference, but alas you don't matter. The idea of a consumer is gone, we are just seen as walking banks that will throw cash at any damned product that has a fancy promotional video.

News reports over the past few weeks highlight how ignorant and greedy EA have become.

and ofcourse, let's not forget their backhanded SimCity apologies, which quite frankly come off as more insulting than anything else.

This. This is what is wrong, why do they believe that we don't want to work for our achievements and progress? We just want to throw money at them now do we? Well last I checked I personally would rather buy a product and work my way through it than have the easy route of pay-to-finish, which is what is basically happening.

Micro transactions work wonderfully in a free-to-play format, you don't have he initial outlet so the format feels almost more comfortable with me? I don't know, if I buy a game I usually want that to be the end of my expenditure, barring any DLC I may want to grab. I don't want the 45 product to be the start of my spending spree, followed by a ton of 2-5 transactions (which to me, isn't even that micro).

EA are probably the leaders in the next video game crash, this is my major worry.

It's nothing new either, in my opinion Sims 3 is one of the most featureless and insanely obvious cash grabs in a long time. I enjoyed the Sims 2, each expansion felt rich with content. In Sims 3? I get a half working sort of wonky set of non-features and some items, followed by a spam fest of stuff packs. (Irrelevant due to the awesome modding community) I stupidly gave EA around 60 over christmas because of passion for the Sims, but once the novelty wares off the garing lack of value becomes hugely apparent.

I am just confused, EA went from a reasonably okay company with some nice titles, to nothing but a bank that produces half assed content at a premium price.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Welcoming opinions, however different they may be.   read

1:33 PM on 02.16.2013

They're coming outta the goddamn walls.

I am feeling the whole War Z thing all over again with this Randy debacle. Guy promises amazing content, we get the complete opposite to which Randy feigns complete ignorance in the subject.

You fucked up dude, just admit it. Have some pride in yourself and the poor souls that you have under your employ.

That aside, my time with A:CM was relatively short, I just couldn't quite stand it long enough to go through with it.

I start the game up, it has a relatively nice UI and a semi-okay setup, passable so far. I play for a little while, the xeno's are awful...but at least they represent what the game is about. HUNTING THOSE XENO'S.

During the first level, not sure if this is a glitch or not (even so, it's inexcusable), an entire scene was missing in my playthrough. When reaching the second bridge between the sections of the ship (the scene where you supposed to climb up manually), Keyes starts to show the usual chest buster motions. The entire game then skips forward to the bridge already broken and the main character climbing up the damn thing. I have no idea what happened during the missing scene and I don't really care enough to try and find out. If anyone else has experienced this then feel free to comment, I am curious if they where that ballsy enough to rip out a scene with no explanation.

And so the first level ends, It wasn't fun at all...but I could deal.

Then there are HUMANS everywhere, people with guns...shooting at me. I am less than an hour into the game and any tension between the reveal that Weyland is up to some mighty fine tricks again is trashed. While not original, the Weyland bits have always been lead up to...or at least have created an air of suspicion. The game shoves them in your face from pretty much from the get go and all I could think about is WHERE ARE MY DAMN ALIENS.

At the very least Gearbox, you could have kept the xeno's as a constant threat, which y'know, they are supposed to be. The xeno's are not even represented well here, they are shamefully recreated in the most embarrassing form possible, it's downright insulting to Giger, and everyone else that loves the franchise. A beautiful, terrifying creature is nothing more than a dancing kamikaze annoyance.

Giger's Alien was probably one of the scariest things during my childhood, I couldn't play Alien Trilogy (Now one of my favourite video games ever) without hiding and occasionally having a panic attack. I loved Alien and Aliens equally, they where my go to films when I couldn't think of what to watch and I can't even count the number of times I have seen them. When I witnessed the E3 demo I was amazed at the atmosphere, it felt like the title I wanted to immerse myself in. However we where all deeply mistaken.

Suffice to say, I didn't continue playing after the first bit of the second level, bad xeno AI was one thing, but terribad human AI on top of it? I just don't see the point of me continuing, the game is of an incredibly low standard, it's just not enjoyable.

The game itself is an insult to the fans of the franchise and the people who created it in the first place. The fact that Randy is removing himself completely from blame speaks volumes about the state of the industry. The game has essentially been miss sold to thousands and thousands of people under the premise of a demo that either wasn't really a demo or reflected a stage in production where the project was actually cared about, not tossed around till it was considered somewhat playable.

I don't blame Sega, they funded what Gearbox promised to be an amazing experience, they gave them extension after extension and still received a shit product. People like Randy don't deserve to work in the industry, he makes a sham of his job where others could so easily excel.

I remember feeling equally as sore about Fable III, but at least Molyneux accepted how bad the game was and moved on to try something different.

(again apologies about the state of my writing)   read

2:01 PM on 01.28.2013

Why I love "new" Dante and DmC.

First blog, please don't kill me with sharp sticks.

Up until about a week from release I had absolutely no interest in the new Devil May Cry release, I was in the "It's not Dante GTFO" crowd for a while.

The whole Dante revamp felt very "dirty", like Ninja Theory had thrown every cool-guy cliche they could think of at Dante and then some.

I then played the game.....

I am about 8 or so missions in and I have completely fallen in love with Dante (and Vergil, the new dynamic works so well).

The voice acting, the script, the animation. It's all damn near marvelous. Yes Dante is abit of an arse but that's what I love about him. If I where to compare him to anyone else, it would probably be Dean Winchester (of Supernatural, It's probably just me...maybe?). My reasoning for this is simple, they are both well rounded dicks who (surprisingly!!) like sex, violence and saying fuck you to the general populace of demons. Maybe I just like supernatural too much, or DmC, or both. In either case new Dante is the kind of guy you'd want at your party, to make you look better.

He's not just cool either, he has a vulnerable side. It's this side which enables him to progress as a character. There are several moments throughout the game where I felt bad for the guy, as if he was a real human being. I want to see him get what he wants and become more powerful while doing it, It's nice to feel that connection to a character again. The game mixes up the laugh out loud moments and fluffy moments pretty damn well. Dante feels like a real character again, not a shell of himself. He's not even really that different from old Dante, except he likes the more explicit side of the English language and happens to have some new hair. Dante's classic outfit (unlocked at the end of game) only reinforces my opinion.

Dante is a poster boy for badassery and overall his new look is something that grew on me pretty fast, i am also loving the extremely well designed DLC costumes. I can't digress enough how admiring I am of the art direction in this title.

The game itself, while I have not finished it, is potentially one of my favorite games in the past decade. I feel a genuine rush of excitement in this game, I haven't felt that for years. I have enjoyed releases, but never to the point where I physically feel I cannot put the controller down, I cannot quit the game. It's that good. I spent pretty much all of yesterday on it, napped and then went back on it. Why can't there be more games like this?

The mixture of cinematic cutscenes and fluid gameplay pull you into the new world and if you don't enjoy the world consuming every bit of your time and interests then I simply don't know what's wrong with you. Or you simply don't like these kind of games, which is perfectly understandable.

I won't really talk too much about the mechanics and what not, the game is an amazing bit of fun and has one of the funniest protagonists in a long time. I fully agree that this is immature writing, but immature doesn't always mean bad. It's exaggerated, it's vulgar, it's cliche'd but it's presented so well with a strong cast of characters that I couldn't care less about it being mature.

I should have mentioned this earlier, but yes. I have played every Devil May Cry. I got bored with the first, lost in the second (yet enjoyed it more than 1) and had a blast in 3. 4 was a pain in arse, Nero was irrelevant to everything because all I could hear was "Vash The Stamepede", the combat was tactical-ish yet painfully slow in execution. It still looks hella-pretty though (I recently purchased a steam copy for the sake of it and I still can't get into it).

I will update this when I finish the game, apologies if it reads awkwardly.

Thanks for reading my rambling's. I understand I am a piss poor writer but only time will make me not suck.   read

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