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[NVGR] Halloween 2 is coming...

It's official that Rob Zombie is set to make a sequel to the Halloween remake. I actually enjoyed the Halloween remake. Even though I didn't see a reason to remake the old films, except for part 3, it was pretty oh-sum. Hopefully the next one will be even better. Here is a teaser poster for the 2009 film I got from shocktillyoudrop.com.


New DB:E movie posters

Here are some new posters I saw on ign.com. It's funny because like I said being a big DBZ fan, this movie is going to bomb big time. Horrible I say. Another funny thing to is that my brothers agreed with me that it's goin...


Soulja Boy is getting is Own Game!?!

Apparently, Complex.com interviewed Soulja Boy and one of the questions was about him having his own video game. Complex: Would you ever want your own video game? Soulja Boy:" Iím glad that you brought that up. Soulja Boy ...


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