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On February 27th, our eyes saw something that can't be unseen, and that was Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.

That movie was so terrible to me that I thought the one with Jean-Claude Van Damme was way better. How sad is that? Any who, now that this movie is wrapping up from the theaters, we prepare for another disaster on April 8th, which is Dragonball Evolution.

As with most movies based off video games, this one carries a plot not related to the series at al, and there's a horrible cast that don't fit the characters. Another one for the record books of worst movies but I don't have to say something everyone already know.

But you never know. People may end up liking this movie. If so, hey, that's your opinion and your entitled to it. It's cool no big deal, congrats, nothing's wrong with you. You have balls to say you like it. So I'm being fair so that the internets don't think I'm just sticking to my opinion.
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