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DXmagma avatar 4:13 PM on 07.16.2013  (server time)
Shin Megami Tensei Savagery

savagery. A word I hear too often in my time. I walk a path of footsteps following the lives of others. Paths of versatility, pa5ths of heroism, but all too often of Savagery. I see only in shades of red, my hands painted in the lives of others, but these are my scars and I wear them with pride. Others walk these paths with disgust for those who walked them before, but I only hunger for more. To them, I am savage. To me, I am honest.

In time, I grew to be like them. Not out of disgust, but out of boredom. The bullets no longer sang, the bombs did not serenade me. My hunger grew, I no longer craved battle but victory! Yet as I walk these paths I find so little true victory. What victory is there in hallways and leisurely strolls? What triumph without stake?  I find no answer to this question, and that is the only true answer I need.

So I diverge, I walk other paths. I walk the paths of generals, but feel no pleasure. I walk the paths of soldiers but only feel emptiness. Soon, I find greater paths to walk. Paths among irradiated wastes, among dark crypts and strange worlds. They quell my hunger but only briefly. I need more. I find victory in strategy, I do not find it in my brutish strength. The realization comes along another path, one beyond my meager comprehension, one that appears ever flat to me. I look to my colleague, a man of paper, and I tell him these solemn truths. All he can do is shake his head furiously, ever silent, as if to deny my words their very existence, but they exist! They exist AS I HAVE SPOKEN THEM!

For all his charisma, he can not savor me. His journey is not one for the likes of me. I ever so rarely return to paths of similar nature, but all are beyond my meager mind. In violence I found peace, my now I find nothing.

Between the paths I head names, rumors of other paths. I walk these paths on occasion out of hope of finding prosperity. Many I do not finish. one path is in a language I do not know, but who's symbols I recognize forever. I find it amidst a market of paths brief and unfulfilling, but ever so different to justify their existence. I walk this path, and I am in a world so far from mine. A world of children and monsters, ever entangled and in a war with themselves and with something far greater. I am intrigued, and I dig into this path with great ferocity.

But this path is long, and this path is complex. It is a delicate dance, with those around us in the day, and those who hide in the night. Here I am brought into a life I do not know, one I have ever ran from. It is the most brutal path of all, high school. Here, by proxy of my enigmatic young lad, RUSSEL T.DAVIS-KUN, I am entranced in this tale of adolescent love and the fabric of existence. When the night comes, I am once more returned to my home of savagery and war, but here I find vindication! I have reason, I have purpose! It is a war all the same but it is one I find victory in. My movements are few but they are grand and my failures cut far deeper then any before, but the victories I find are titanic in comparison!

I follow this path, a path of paths, and I see it through, finding myself at the end of a journey and the knowledge of self. Is a savage a man who fights for fulfillment? No, for he is simply a man. Is he a man who fights without cause? No, for one who fights without cause is nothing more then a weapon. A savage is one who fights without purpose, who fights for the vain hope of finding a purpose. I had, however briefly. For this, I plead a second chance. With shallow pockets and a lack of funds, and the scarcity of such paths, this may be my one chance to have such fulfillment once more. Also I've only played Persona so I'd really love to get deeper into the series and 4 is my only other option since it's the only system I own with an SMT game for it. So it'd be cool if I won this since I just don't have the money to purchase it myself. Ok. I'm bad at endings.

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