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2:38 PM on 09.21.2008

GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR is On Tour! (Final Website is Final Version),Also Rock band+2

Well,it's finally here!,the official website for GHWT,most awaited game from NEVERSOFT n ACTIVISION...Let's hope the new guitar's compatible with PS3's GH3,also GH3's guitar with GH1 n GH2 games!...coz they rock,but they're no guitar compatible ><...damn you Activision n Harmonix!

I have to say i had a bit of fun with Rock band,even if i imported the Drum Set for PS2/3,but damn,some songs are IMPOSSIBLE on the drums..."Run To The Hills" on Hard is HARD...all the time with red notes till u have to change for yellow then a pedal hit...

I'm scared of the damn pedal,makes me think i'll break it in no time!...anyone got tips on metal pedals or better,metal pedals?...on great price on ebay of course..i wanna ROCK,Not FEAR! ><

Game itself is great,too bad i've got PS2 Ripped version...imports ftw?...No intro nor other vids,just the gameplay ones (i have to say,a few of the singers,males,are gay)

I hate the hammer-ons n pull-offs in RB...they need more preicision!...also solos sucks for hardness...specially on fail on a note,fail on the song

And the mic...i've got a Vantage Mic from Logitech,wich they say's the same shit as RB's Mic...yet it wont detect my loud screamin' for high notes!...bitches!..will use GHWT's mic incase

FAV SONGS on RB1: Maps,GGNHT,Wont Get Fooled Again,here we go again (dance bitches...on treadmills),and,of course,When you were young,sides of other songs...

Oh yeah...RB2....well,havent played it coz i live in spain and Uncle Gays (M$) has will have it's temporal exclusive for X360 again for 3 months...PS3 owners must suck RB's disc...on October 2nd...but hey,it's M$,they'll lose after

FAV SONGS so far from RB2: Everlong,Panic Attack,PDA,Shacklers Revenge,That's what you get,and a few others?

Thanks god Harmonix n Activision made an OK with the PS3's GH3 guitar for RB...Money savior! *Insert RB's SAVIOR! Screen here*

Well,let's wait till GHWT comes out...what do you guys think?,will it roxxors our boxxors on XMas-zors? (XD,ok,bad joke).

Have Fun,i'm goin' 2 play CRYSIS WARHEAD...   read

4:53 PM on 07.13.2008

Next Gen PC,New Shit,Good Shit

Ok,i suck at titles...SO WHAT??

B4 anything,i've updated my PC long time ago with these specs:

Case: Antec 900
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6600@2,4Ghz NO OC + Thermaltake Big Typh VX12 Fan
RAM: 3GB DDR2 663mhz
Graphics Card: XFX 8800GT 512MB DDR3 640Mhz Core + ZALMAN VF1000 LED

The bastard: (shakey cam,b4 Antec900)

The bastard outside: (antec 900)

There,rleased a shit from ass XD

The new stuff i wanted 2 talk about is about MGS4...

God the game's so AWESOME EPIC and all the good stuff about it..the only shit from it is the "ads" from the beginning...and those 2 "HIDEO 1 / 2" to unlock 'em? T_T

All game 10/10,no more words..

Ever tried Guitar hero Aerosmith?...if not,DONT...SUCKS!!!! wants World Tour!

Also played ROCK BAND (*dinnnnnng*) for PS2,but just Guitar.....The hammers n pulls are harder than GH3...

Try Beatmania IIDX from 9th to 14th...for PS2 with it's IIDX Controller...Teh awesome

Anyways..dunno what else to talk about..

Alone In The Dark 5? thx...

Yes,i've got new drawings for you people,but of course,dont click link if you hate furs...

cya another time whenever i get nice idea...   read

9:24 AM on 02.13.2008


Thou i suck with humans,i made great improvement 'ere,tryin' to get the Medic's chin a bit nice ,but ok..

atleast it's NOT a Furry,eh?...TwT   read

12:31 PM on 02.03.2008

2 New TEAM FORTRESS 2 drawings (Furry haters DONT CLICK)

You've been warned...

DV The Spy

DV The Demoman


6:06 AM on 01.18.2008

FPS Heroes are shy about how ugly they look and talk,makes me put a sonic mask and cut my throat (not)

How many FPS (First Person Shooter) games have we played with a story for 1 player?..We've seen unique joys like FAR CRY,CRYSIS,HALF LIFE 2 (and episodes),PORTAL,TEAM FORTRESS 2 ( I LOVE THIS DOC---GAME!),etc...

But what about the character's models?...Ever wondered how an official version of a character would look if rendered into a game instead of just seein' his hands n arms?..

Let's take an example with the best example of specimen,shy guy..

HALF LIFE 2's Gordon Freeman...YES,wii kno',he appears at the cover of the boxes,but what about in the game? (Not mentioning HL1's multiplayer)..Is VALVE lazy to draw a great model for him?..they could've used cutscenes or something like an intro for the,his identity's the game...Sides,ever noticed there are no reflections on the water or that there are no mirrors in the game?...

And what about his voice?,did he was told that it's forbidden to even open the mouth when he was born?..XD..he doesn't says "OUCH!" when fallin' from a distance nor breathes! this is a superhero XD...T_T;...the only voice we hear are the 2dary chara's and his suit...also Alyx says "A men of few words,isn't it?" or something (me gots spanish version)..indeed,dude..

How about BIOSHOCK?..You might've seen his face at one of the latest trailers they released..And the ending...Only his hand with the tattoo at the arm?...i bet he got a really weird face when got into much Adam n EVE XDDD

But let's talk about true star characters who got their face AND voice seen and heard..

XIII: The first game i ever played with Cutscenes and in-game that shows faces...Also the main chara's face can be seen at 'em AND at MIRRORS..also has voice (very talented in the spanish version,dunno english)..3 Bravos for Jason Fly!

FAR CRY: Thou i've heard there are reflections in the water,we can see Jack's face at short cutscenes...also voice..

PAINKILLER: Badass lookin' chara got a weird design sumtimes..

TEAM FORTRESS 2: Priceless..

DRAGON QUEST VIII: Awesome game,yeah,but this is the classic game of "YOU,SHUT UP AND FOLLOW ME" XDD..i mean,the "Hero" says NOTHING,and when it's about talking,he just moves his arms or just do faces...


How about games where you can see your character but not his voice?...i think i remember some,like...your chara just nods and follows orders from the quest guy or somethin'..he likes starin' at weird people XDDD

Really,do you guys think it's an awesome idea to show a character's face and hear it's voice in a game,or is that the creators r too lazy to grab a decent voice and make a model for the character's arm n hand? XD...C'MON!! ><   read

9:07 AM on 01.17.2008

Team Fortress 2 Fan Art (Furry haters don't click)

In case ya haven't seen it at my 1st blog posty thingy,here's the 3 fan art pics of TEAM FORTRESS 2 i drew so far..

i repeat,Furry haters LEAVE



The SOLDIER + Message

(PD: If you got a better message for the soldier to write on,feel free to post your owns,but also think of Maggot(s) word <3)   read

8:29 AM on 01.17.2008

BURNOUT PARADISE can BURN in hell and not even "try again"..

Some people will kill me for writting this,but after playing the demo just 3 times it already gave me the reason to NOT buy BURNOUT PARADISE..

(Note that i've been a fan of BURNOUT since BURNOUT 3 TAKEDOWN till DOMINATOR)

Also readin' up it clarified me up to not buy this game,not only bcz the writer said it but my opinion about that THERE'S NO "RESTART" option to go back to the beginnin' of a challenge and try it again..

Plus the way you do a challenge like the demo.."Find your own way to the finish line" just's supposed to BLAST your opponents and fill up the race with full speed n action,not just go to random ways without havin' time to check your map...if you do u'll mostly CRASH ^^;

Yeah,awesome shiny graphics and a great soundtrack,plus new gameplay like and new modes (or with a washed name),but the restart thing and no "go directly to a challenge" option just like the NFSUnderground to Carbon sagas disappointed me and that means that Criterion n EA are goin' from awesome to boring back riding..

EA n Criterion,you got TAKEDOWN'ed!..   read

5:00 AM on 12.29.2007

VG Fan Art Madness (Fur haters don't read)

So well,this is my 1st blog evah on DToid..To make it a bit different i'll just post up art i've done (no imports) related 2 videogame cosplayin',usin' my Chara as victim (not only mine but some original chara's from games)

Other art that's not VG related can be found in my gallery at

So here's the stuff i've got so far,includin' me as TF2's Scout

PD: DToid puts art from DA artist?,well i am from DA too,so why not doin the same without the officialness..

PD2: Yeah,most of 'em r fur charas,like it?,great,don't?,don't bother..

That's all for now..right now i'm finishin' colourin' DV as TF2's Engineer   read

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