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3:16 PM on 09.21.2009

Drive-by, Lesbian Rap, and BOOM! Explosion!

Good Morning Vietnam! So as you know Destructoid has the weekly friday.night.fights where members of D'Toid come together and do what we do best. Punch koalas! Err...I mean play video games! So a group of us played Left 4 Dead on the Xbox360 and I decided to whip out the ol' capture card. Little did we know, an unforgettable night of lesbians (well lesbian) spitting some rhymes with the G folk in the west syeeeeeeeed, rage quiting, and a failed attempt to reach the safe house would ensue. I put together a little montage of the events and I hope everyone will enjoy especially those who were involved (names will be in the credits) Be sure to watch after the credits as I have a special bonus clip (cliffhanger possibly? lol). Enjoy!

[embed]149403:22782[/embed]   read

5:20 PM on 05.03.2009

good afternoon, good evening, and good night

Good evening...Infidels! This is my long awaited (not so much anticipated unless someone loves me out there?) debut into the blogging world and I am glad to share it with the Destructiod community. My birth certificate says my name is David and that my age is 19 years old, although the document itself is not as old as I am (he he). I currently reside in Chicago, IL and my favorite color is polka-dot (figured it was a good time to throw a random fact in).

My gaming resume dates back to the times when I lived in the old country (okay so thats not true but what if I did not throw this thought in? hmm?) I started off with the classic Nintendo Entertainment System although that joy did not last long...stupid POS decided to break down! Not too long after that disappointment, the SUPER NES was introduced to my life (everything is better when its super, right?) The first few games I played (as my memory permits) are Super Mario World (cause it's SUPER!), Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong Country (my grandma played this more than I did! She rocks!) and some strange Tron-like basketball game (10 points to whoever knows the name). Life went on and I came across more systems, even the dreaded Sega GameGear. (so many good men...err batteries...lost their lives, let's take a moment to remember those victims...ok that's enough).

Alright that's enough with the nostalgic memories (not to say they are bad, sigh). I currently own an Xbox 360, DS Lite, PS2, GameCube, and a PSP. Aside from the first two gaming devices, I don't play the others as much. For the 360, I am playing Gears of War (classic!), MLB 2k9, some kind of Guitar Hero/Rock Band game, and Gears of War 2. As for the DS Lite, I am playing Crosswords DS (hey hey hey its awesome), Resident Evil Deadly SIlence, and Super Mario World 64 (SUPER!). Oh, I almost forgot! I am playing Resident Evil 2 for the PC (which is also my favorite game of all-time sans the roaches in the ventilation system...ARGH!). When I'm not gaming, I am engaging in some kind of social activity (fancy talk for chillin' like a villian) whether it's updating my status on Facebook (look me up *thumbs up* lol) or playing basketball in someone's alley (lowering the rim to about 6 or 7 feet and having a dunk contest is fun, definitely something to put in a list of things to do before you die). I am a HUGE Cubs fan! This should exhibit my loyalty skills, that go great with my bow staff and nunchuck skills...sp? who cares!)

If you get to know me, I guess you can say I have a colorful personality sans pink and yellow. When you game with me, your in for a bumpy ride, he he. I like to makes things interesting whether it is a little smack talk to mess with another player's psyche or just making everyone laugh...even when I'm trying too hard. I tend to get carried away at times, forgetting it's just a game (but hey, for the love of the game right?) I'd like to give a special shout out to Blasto (fellow Destructiod-er) for introducing me to this great community and for the love of the game quote (well i did help a little *Puts hand on Bible* I promise I will try my bestest to keep this blog updated and contribute to the D'Tiod Community as much as time permits (oh i should mention I like to blame other people/things for my own faults hence the quote somewhere in my profile he he). And in closing, it was Col. Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick...


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