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Not my Turning Point gaming rig

This is my current pc, no its not pretty, no it doesn't run anything past directx7, but its all I got. :D It died on me a year after I bought it, so I installed a newer (though be it lower end) motherboard, and its still kicking. If I do win, I'll probably still keep it since it was my first motherboard install. But I'd probably never need to use it if I won. lol


Newegg selling Dtoid T's.

With no mention of the site at all. As part of their promotion for the movie "The Seeker" they've released six t-shirts with different designs representing the six elements. For iron they've decided to use this: You can see the shirt aswell as order it from HERE. They also have other sizes listed on this page.


Xbox 360 Selling on ebay for 3k?!

So I was bored and I decided to cruise ebay, yes, I have a very boring hobby. Anyhow, I saw THIS. Now my guess is the last bidder accidentally entered an extra 0 on his/her bid, or the bidder is doing it as a joke seeing as how they have a 0 for feedback. But I think the first scenario would be much much funnier.


Halo 3 Video Review

Well as some of you who read my last blog post I'm not to impressed or enthusiastic about Halo 3. However I do know some of you are so I figure I'd post up this video review I came across. In it he reviews the campaign mode, forge mode, and theater mode just a bit. Keep an eye out for part 2 which he claims will have a multi-player review. And don't worry this contains no spoilers.


Halo 3... yep...

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I've been questioning the importance of this game. I know I'll have a slew of M$ fan boys jumping in front of this carbine shot, but whats so big about this game? I understand the Halo...


Nvidia Geforce demo shows us.....Doug Jones?

The good people over at Nvidia have recently released a few snippets of what their new GeForce cards will be bringing us. One of the videos is a real time rendering of actor Doug Jones,who has been in more movies then you...


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