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9:20 AM on 07.14.2011

Netflix needs to stream new releases

Netflix has recently increased the price of the service and in my opinion could possibly have justification. I am not a Netflix customer as of yet. I was one of the ones who can wait until the service meets my expectations before I pay my monthly fees to stream movies directly through my X-box and 3DS. I hope that the minor price hike will bring the most recent releases to the streaming service as this was what I expected from the service to begin with. Why should I need to pay an additional membership to get DVD's delivered to my door when I should be able to stream it directly to my entertainment device? I expected this to be addressed sooner than this. I have cable why should I pay for this service if most of the streams are movies on HBO, Stars, Cinemax, or Showtime? I think if another option comes along before this happens and has the newest releases Netflix is in trouble. I wish that Zune had a monthy service they usually have the most current DVD releases for rent to stream.
Thats what I think.
Thank You:
Bill Sheehan   read

10:20 AM on 01.28.2011

Sega news: Captain America and Binary Domain

Check out the Captain America trailor at It actually looks better than I thought.
Also check out some info for Binary Domain.
Binary Domain looks interesting.   read

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