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DR Mexico avatar 3:47 PM on 01.28.2008  (server time)
One in three people hate me?

I recently noticed that my reputation on Xbox live had risen from a mediocre 3 stars to a manly, throbbing 4 and a half stars. I was elated, surely this means that people that i don't know enjoy playing with me. They'd prefer to play with me than with a twelve year old who can't operate a microphone, Awesome!

I always try and give people (who enjoy playing with) that have less than 5 stars, good player reviews because it's always nice to think that someone cares.
Subsequently, I give people who are dicks bad player reviews.

I am absolutely positive that I have done nothing to merit a bad player review, but when i checked my Rep. percentages i saw that only 66% of people liked me.
A whole 34% of people who reviewed me wanted to avoid me and i have no idea why!

Being a poor bastard i only ever play TF2 online and, seeing as i don't have any money to renew my Gold membership which runs out in less than a week, i try and cram i as much online play as i can.

This makes it hard to pinpoint which cocksucker wants to avoid me. I must have played with over 300 different people the past week and one of the motherfuckers saw fit to give ME a bad fucking review.

Honestly, i have been nothing but nice to everybody i meet online but one faggoty douche thought it would be a fucking laugh to give me a fucking bad review. They didn't even have the fucking courtesy to make up some fucking reason why they would want to avoid me.

Seriously, If one more of you shit fucking baby rapists decides to give me another fucking bad review i will crawl down the internets and i shall smite thee with mine own two hands!

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