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I had a hilarious MA3 glitch yesterday and wanted to share it with the world! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThEr_spsal8

I love the multiplayer on Mass Effect 3...it's a shame that it isn't free for used game buyers, because it's pretty amazing. Everything that I love about online multi is in there: leveling up your multi character, different classes / powers to choose from, every kill gives you credits to trade in for random new weapons, and three different difficulties.

There is only one mode of play, a 10-wave 'Horde Mode' where different enemies come at your squad in 6-7 different maps with increasing difficulty. At first I thought this would be a turn-off (I really like variety in online matches) but working with three random teammates is just so damn satisfying that it offsets the monotonous nature of the game. There are some random "protect this spot" and "kill a certain enemy" missions that pop up every game, which has the team running to different points on the map.

After sinking 20 hours into multi, it's hard to get into the single-player battles of Story Mode where your squaddies are AI-controlled with only a couple control options. I've been in multi battles with straight-up idiots who spread out and die fast, and I've been victorious over Silver-level multi missions with 3 pros with killer tactics. The variety, as well as the option to invite friends into your party, makes multiplayer so awesome! My AI-controlled teammates in single player feel like lifeless robots in comparison.

Any D'Toiders on Live, hit me up @ FORM VOLTRON


Hey Dtoiders, my weekly VG podcast was lucky enough to score an interview with Dan Gilvezan, who voiced Bumblebee in the G1 Transformers, Spiderman (and his Amazing Friends), Cooler (Pound Puppies) and many more. Dan tells behind-the-scenes stories and answers hardcore nerd questions.

If you're a fan of 80s cartoons, give a listen!


The Jumpmen Podcast

Hey DToiders, another episode of the Jumpmen Podcast here, with a full recap of all the insanity from this year's MAGFest. It's dirty, its funny, and its only 30 minutes!


If you like this episode, we're on iTunes, RetrowareTV.com, and soon to be on Elder-Geek.com

See you all next year at MAG XI !

7:56 AM on 01.10.2011

Fable 3 is buggy, but in a really funny way.

At the end of the "Animal Liberation" quest, one of the chickens got stuck in the floor. I kicked it for 5 minutes straight.

I saved the kingdom, rebuilt the orphanage, and ... this is what I found when I entered.

Shooting Orphans in a Barrel

Orphan Make-Out Session

Siamese Orphans X2

Fable 3 is the new Red Dead of glitches. I've only been playing for a week and already I've come across some funny, some WTF glitches. Has anyone else seen an awesome Fable 3 glitch?

These two happened to me on the same day. One after a mercenary fight, and the other when I was at the Little Children Shop aka the orphanage.

Dog in Tree

Floating Orphan

Jumpmen Podcast ep 22: Handcuff People and Blow Them Up...Show
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Tron Legacy, 2010 in review, Wipeout, Andrew W.K. vs Limp Bizkit, casual vs hardcore

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good DIE.

Everybody playing X-Men arcade knows what I'm talking about. Also, I made this.