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Square Enix’s newest Final Fantasy title exclusive on PSP; Final Fantasy Type 0; may get an international release. In an interview, director Hajima Tabata states an international version of the game is currently in development. Unfortunately, being as though it took several years to complete there was no further information in concern to a release date as of yet.

The game will be in real-time as well as action-based and have a similar battle system to that of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII; but will make use of the ATB system and allow control of multiple characters. Final Fantasy Type 0 is set within a place called Oriens, that is divided into 4 separated nations each with its own emblem.

With just a little over a month of being released sales have shown that accumulatively the game has sold over 682,173 in Japan alone. Compared to Square Enix's other PSP titles that were internationally released Type 0 has proven to be a game worthy of checking out.

924,321 – Dissidia: Final Fantasy
799,193 – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
768,721 – Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Final Fantasy Type 0 was released in Japan on October 27th, 2011.

Here's a nice lengthy Official Trailer. Enjoy!