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DJDuffy  avatar 2:11 PM on 08.26.2009  (server time)
More thoughts on the Shadow Complex "situation"

I wasn't really planning on writing more on this, but after some heated discussions, I felt like it was necessary. For those interested, I already talked about the Shadow Complex situation on the latest Drunkcast but I feel like there is more to say. For those of you new to the situation, Orson Scott Card is a board member for the National Organization for Marriage, a group that fights against gay marriage equality. OSC has been cited on numerous occasions as being homophobic and a bigot. He also happens to be involved in the making of Shadow Complex.

Like I said in the podcast, if he was just a homophobe and not involved in such an organization I would buy the game in a second. I have nothing against the game personally, it's just that OSC potentially could use profits from the game to fund anti-gay agendas.

What does need to be talked about is what we can do about this. From heated discussions I've had over the last few days, it seems that some people feel like we should just accept the fact that he is homophobic and just buy the game because there isn't a damn thing we can do about it. This could not be further from the truth. There is plenty to be done.

Just take the word “homophobic” and replace it with “racist” and nobody would dare get away with such things. Look at Glenn Back from Fox News for example. More and more advertisers are pulling their support for his show because he basically called Obama a racist on national television not to mention just a general nut job. If Microsoft simply pulled it's support for the game, wouldn't it yield the same result? I do not see how Glenn Beck's situation differs from this at all. Both are high profile individuals in the media spotlight and have a great influence on their target audiences. We need to get Microsoft in that spotlight and take the heat if they continue to support OSC and his intentions.

I don't blame people for buying the game, since it deserves rave reviews. Unfortunately I won't be buying the game because of OSC's connections with an anti-gay movement. The lines between racism and homophobia are intertwined and we need people to wake up and realize that. We cannot continue to have such double standards taint our society.

EDIT: Falinter brought up a good point: For those who have bought the game already, why not donate something to a LGBT organization to balance things out? Here are a few that I recommend:


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