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DJDuffy  avatar 3:36 PM on 09.18.2007  (server time)
Commentary on the male mind: A CBM Story

I know this is probably the last place on earth that needs commentary on the male mind, but this is extra crispy stuff! Not everyone knows it, but I'm a part of the C-Blog Mafia. It occurred to me today that maybe I should comment on my adventures with these guys. I mean, why do I even put up with them in the first place? If there was a time in my life that I could say that I'd been hanging around with the wrong crowd, this would be it. Don't get me wrong...these guys are a barrel of fun, but they defiantly are not without their kinks.

First off, let's go over the list:

We have myself (DJ Duffy)
Bhive, Tazar, Snaileb, D, Blindsidedork, BahamutZero, DVDDesign and Lemon (who is away *sad panda*)

Basically on a daily basis we talk about gaming and just the most random stuff. Here are memorable quotes from everyone in the group emailers (and Gmail chats). Let's start off from the beginning shall we? Here are some comments from my very first few CBM emailers:

I have to ask, probably for all men, do you ever spend all day looking at them in the mirror?
Men have a right to know these things, since that's one of the more commented on things when "If I had boobs..." comes into discussion.

Oh yeah, Iím back. Hi DJ Duffy, welcome to our happy family. BSD needs to take on Joe Burling in a News Tip Battle Royale. Caleb, you need to give up the news on Workmanís juicy manparts. I donít even know what else went on while I was gone. I made a chore quest adventure. I like unicorns and midgets with cream pies.

hotel room and skipping out on staying at my place?! how dares you! That is $45 you could save a night!
Caleb meant me and him may get a hotel together. We'll see as it gets closer. Honestly BSD I'd feel weird staying at anyones house, regardless of who it was. But we'll see as we get closer to the event how it goes.
I feels rejected! Anyone got any razors? Snaileb, I know you do!
BSD, I'll stay with you if I go, but you won't get any of my sweet, sweet, man-hole you so desperately seek.
I don't roll that way.
Don't do it. There is so much to live for...
Oh wait... Nevermind. Just remember go down the wrist not across.

Ok, so by this time I'm starting to warm up to their sense of humour, as twisted as it is...let's see what else I can find:

I have topless photos of myself. I used to run a camwhore site.
I'm like Denise Richards, but with a double chin.
And a dude.

BahamutZero: dude Im not sure what Im talking about half the time
as evidenced from the secret project
2:19 PM i smoke too much...
me: trust no one! teh internets are dangerous
2:20 PM Tazar will probably be mad at me now..cuz i tattled on him
poor baby haha
BahamutZero: its ok he did it to me first. you were never supposed to know about the 3some.
2:21 PM originally it was taz, dvd and snaileb

Bryan: no
no they're not
not in america
me: o rly? so if you go to the beach you swim with your tshirt on? lol
Bryan: lol darling i live in ohio
there are no beaches
me: fine...a pool
1:58 PM Bryan: lol no
me: u just can't get service without a shirt on
Bryan: i have to wear a chastity shirt when i go to the pool because its illegal in the us
1:59 PM me: what?? noo
what the hell is a chastity shirt?
2:00 PM Bryan: i dont know
but i have one
me: ur such a bad liar...i do not believe u at all
Bryan: lol
2:01 PM me: i've been to plenty of beaches and pools in the us
so like i said...not the same for u to have ur shirt off as it is for me
5 minutes
2:07 PM Bryan: you've been to tourist usa
2:08 PM me: sooo you're saying just in ohio its illegal for men not to wear shirts?
Bryan: everywhere
in tourist usa
they pretend its okay
to get you to move here
and star in movies
wait wtf fuck canadians
get out of here
2:09 PM i guess what im saying is
that is how chanuukah was started
me: tourist usa?
Bryan: what
me: i've been to other parts of the us oregon and washington...
2:11 PM Bryan: ooh
me: ?
Bryan: i dont know dude
im insane
I'm pretty sure Tazar was on crack in that last one....illegal to wear a shirt in the US for guys? So there is just some dirt on the CBM...join me next time when we go even further into the madness of our emailers! I know most of the guys are probably going to kill me...and I more than deserve it for doing this post. =P

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