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June 7th, 1985 - The Goonies film is released. I didn't care too much about that other than it inspired this whole chain of events.

1985 - Cyndi Lauper releases a song called "The Goonies R Good Enough" to coincide with the release of the movie. A 12 minute "epic" video about gasoline, gold, and goonies is shot featuring the cast from the movie, several professional wrestlers, Rosanne Barr, and The Bangles. Cyndi Lauper herself hated the song and video, despite it being, in my opinion, a very accurate representation of the 80s as a whole in terms of music, cinematic style, and geo-political trends (oh, and don't forget wrestling....the 80s is all about wrestling).

November Xth, 1987 - The Goonies 2 (a sequel to the Japan exclusive Goonies video game on the MSX home video game console based on the film called The Goonies) is released featuring an 8-bit style version of "Goonies R Good Enough."

April 2nd, 2004 - NES music cover band The Minibosses record a live performance of several different theme songs to video games. Track 1 on the live album is "Goonies 2." This is a rock cover of the 8-bit version of "Goonies R Good Enough" (interestingly enough, the terrible audio quality of this video almost makes it sound like the 8bit version of the song).

April 6th, 2004 - Four days later, NES music cover band The Advantage release an album of rock stlye covers of music heard in NES games. Track 3 is "Goonies 2." I'm not sure if these bands knew about each other, however to my research, I have found that The Minibosses only play Goonies 2 live, whereas The Advantage released the song on their album "Self-Titled".

Sometime around 2004-2005 - 8bit People's artist Mesu Kasumai releases an 8bit style cover album of 80s music. Track 10 is titled "Good Enough (For Fodder)" which is of course an 8bit cover of Cyndi Lauper's original "The Goonies R Good Enough." As far as I know, the artist may have no idea that the song was already redone for the video game from the time period which he's drawing musical and sonic inspiration. (Sorry, no YouTube link this time)


So what does all this mean? Who knows. Music is incestuous, especially when it gets into covers. I just thought it was interesting and I the Mesu Kasumai version of the song came on my iPod yesterday.

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