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D Sane
9:45 PM on 07.06.2009

Have you ever beaten a game years ago only to find yourself unable to beat it today? This phenomenon has only happened to me a few times in my life. Iím currently playing Metal Gear Solid (PSN version) on my PS3. This is a game that Iíve beaten many times before (well, the version Iíve beaten is Twin Snakes, to be honest) and for some reason, on this play through, I am completely stuck on Metal Gear REX. I can beat the first phase of him just fine, but on the 2nd phase when Liquid opens REXís mouth, I just immediately get my ass handed to me. I have Grey Foxís unskippable dialogue memorized (you know, the part where heís begging you to shoot but Snake just refuses to do so, despite your button presses).

Iíve heard that the Twin Snakes version of MGS is easier than the original. Since this is actually my first play through of the original, I had assumed there would be differences and parts that I was unfamiliar with, but itís kind of ridiculous how many times I have tried and failed to beat REX.

The only other times this has happened before were when I had beaten Starfox 64 and Ocarina of Time when they first came out and then when I replayed them again later (about 6 years after they were released). The battle with Gannon in Ocarina of Time gave me such a massive headache that I swore Iíd never play it again. This swear went untrue because I have since played and beaten it two more times. Starfox still gives me trouble though.

Is this weird? Have any of you ever been completely unable to beat a game you had beaten previously in your life (and then subsequently found yourself able to beat it on much later play throughs)?

Also, any tips you have on beating the 2nd phase of REX would be helpful. Hereís what Iím doing: chaff grenades, stun grenades (running while throwing) running at his missiles in hopes that theyíll go over my head, shooting one or two stingers at the cock pit when I can, and lots and lots of rations. I have the body armor equipped almost constantly. Iím playing on Normal difficulty. Is there anything that Iím missing? Am I wasting time with the chaff grenades in the 2nd phase? I have read several walkthroughs because of how aggravating this is, but to no avail.

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