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What's up? I'm D-Sane. I like to play video games.
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So my room mate owns a 360, I own a PS3 and a Wii. He's thinking about upgrading to a 360 Elite and I've expressed interest in taking his 360 Pro off his hands to help him get to an Elite more easily. But I'm still on the fence because I'm not sure just how many games I'd want to play on it. As of right now, the best thing the 360 has in my mind is the XBLA titles. The ones I'm most interested in are:

Braid (coming to PSN eventually)
Castle Crashers (coming to PSN eventually)
Peggle (probably coming to PSN since it's on every other platform)
Shadow Complex
Trials HD

So my question to you, the Dtoid community, is this: Is it worth it? He's said I can have his used system plus a 2nd controller for $189. Then I'd need to buy all of those games over again after he transfers them to his new system, which is another $65, I think. My other question is this: are there any other really awesome exclusive games? Keep in mind that I'm not much of a fan of Fighters, FPSs, MMOs, or RTSs. I am a big fan of platformers and puzzle solving games. Oh, and Metal Gear Solid.

Your thoughts?

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