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What's up? I'm D-Sane. I like to play video games.
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D Sane
4:56 PM on 08.03.2009

Maybe itís because I never owned an Xbox and therefore missed out on the Halo craze, but I am absolutely terrible at FPS games. When I was younger, I played older ones like Doom and Goldeneye and enjoyed them thoroughly, but I missed the next step. Newer FPS games never really clicked for me the way older ones did because I wasnít playing them nonstop like the rest of the FPS crowd. Maybe my skills have dulled with time, but I just canít seem to keep up with a younger generation of gamers (and Iím only 25). Iím missing out on an entire social avenue of gaming (through online gaming or local matches) simply because I suck at FPS games. Hereís why:


Aiming has always been a huge issue for me. The ability to run in one direction while shooting in another at a moving target never really worked out for me. Iíll pick up the sticks every now and then to try my hand at a newer game like Call of Duty or Halo 3 and ultimately get my ass handed to me by a 12 year old, mostly because I canít aim right. Maybe itís because my right thumb isnít as skilled at operating a control stick as my left one is due to its years of training on an N64. Maybe itís because Iím left handed and my left thumb is just naturally more agile than my right. Whatever the reason, I am terrible at aiming using a controller stick. Now, give me a light gun and itís a completely different story.

First Person vs. Third Person

For some reason, 3rd person perspective makes a lot more sense to me. I feel like I have a greater understanding of my surroundings and I wonít get attacked from behind as easily. Even non-shooter games that utilize 1st person perspective throw me off. For example: Mirrorís Edge. I tried to get into that game because the free running idea interested me. But I couldnít see where my feet were due to the 1st person perspective and I never landed jumps correctly.

Conversely, Iím really good at games like Metal Gear Solid or GTA4, which let you switch between 3rd person and 1st person when each different perspective is necessary (moving around vs. looking through a gun scope). Maybe not the best player ever due to my aiming issues, but just the fact that I can literally know where I am standing helps out a ton in terms of my feeling of immersion in the game. I know that the idea is that Iím supposed to be more immersed in a 1st person game, but I never feel like I am actually part of the game the way Iím supposed to. I look forward to a day where all shooter games give you the option of 1st or 3rd person perspective at the push of a button.


Unlike single player story driven games or teamwork-oriented games, FPSes tend to be geared towards Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch competitive online gaming. Itís literally kill or be killed in these games and when you already arenít good at a game genre, the fact that other players are actively killing you in order to improve their own scores only serves to create an environment in which you donít want to participate. For all the frags a great FPS player has, there are that many lesser players who have fallen under his gun. This fact can be appealing to the good player and very disheartening to a crappy player like myself.

Lazy Developers

This last one is more of a gripe about FPSes than a reason why I suck at them, but I just find it to be a lazy development technique to not have the person youíre playing as represented on screen. The fact that youíre in the eyes of the character means that they developers didnít have to spend as much time on character design, motion capture, pixel animation, etc. as a 3rd person gameís developer might have had to spend.
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D Sane
9:45 PM on 07.06.2009

Have you ever beaten a game years ago only to find yourself unable to beat it today? This phenomenon has only happened to me a few times in my life. Iím currently playing Metal Gear Solid (PSN version) on my PS3. This is a game that Iíve beaten many times before (well, the version Iíve beaten is Twin Snakes, to be honest) and for some reason, on this play through, I am completely stuck on Metal Gear REX. I can beat the first phase of him just fine, but on the 2nd phase when Liquid opens REXís mouth, I just immediately get my ass handed to me. I have Grey Foxís unskippable dialogue memorized (you know, the part where heís begging you to shoot but Snake just refuses to do so, despite your button presses).

Iíve heard that the Twin Snakes version of MGS is easier than the original. Since this is actually my first play through of the original, I had assumed there would be differences and parts that I was unfamiliar with, but itís kind of ridiculous how many times I have tried and failed to beat REX.

The only other times this has happened before were when I had beaten Starfox 64 and Ocarina of Time when they first came out and then when I replayed them again later (about 6 years after they were released). The battle with Gannon in Ocarina of Time gave me such a massive headache that I swore Iíd never play it again. This swear went untrue because I have since played and beaten it two more times. Starfox still gives me trouble though.

Is this weird? Have any of you ever been completely unable to beat a game you had beaten previously in your life (and then subsequently found yourself able to beat it on much later play throughs)?

Also, any tips you have on beating the 2nd phase of REX would be helpful. Hereís what Iím doing: chaff grenades, stun grenades (running while throwing) running at his missiles in hopes that theyíll go over my head, shooting one or two stingers at the cock pit when I can, and lots and lots of rations. I have the body armor equipped almost constantly. Iím playing on Normal difficulty. Is there anything that Iím missing? Am I wasting time with the chaff grenades in the 2nd phase? I have read several walkthroughs because of how aggravating this is, but to no avail.

Well, Bea Arthur died on the 25th of April and me and some friends have been watching episodes of Golden Girls lately. I had the theme song stuck in my head and in a youtube search, I found this little gem. Whoever made it is a genius. Enjoy!

D Sane
2:04 PM on 03.13.2009

I dunno about you, but one of my favorite things to do when I'm hungover is play a game that I've beaten before. Lately, I've been playing Ocarina of Time, but other examples are the Metal Gear Solid series, Mario 64, Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past, Okami, Castle Crashers, and others. I dunno why it is, but for some reason it's really one of my favorite things to do after a long night of getting hammered. Actually, me and my friends love drinking and playing games so much that we've even come to describe the activity of being really drunk as "Super Smashed Bros." and "Warhammered Online".

Gaming while hungover beats watching TV cause it keeps me active mentally. And my friends who get wasted and pass out on the couch enjoy watching me play the games. You don't have to talk to people so that's nice. Also, gaming lends itself to sitting in a dark room, and we all know that the sun is the arch nemesis of some one who is hungover.

I thought I'd more articulate with this blog, but I'm actually hungover at the moment.

What are your favorite games to play when hungover? Bonus points: What are your favorite games to get drunk to? (mine are Mariokart, Rock Band, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Warioware Smooth Moves)

So I have reached a roadblock. I am trying to play the old school DOS versions of King's Quest V and VI (two great games from my childhood) and I keep having trouble emulating it. I have gotten a few files off of abandonware websites and I Googled a few different programs that should have run them. I tried using DOSBox and WINUAE.

Does anyone know a simple way to set this all up? I have removed all the files I downloaded due to frustration. Does anyone know of a free flash version of these games? I tried Googling those as well with poor results.

Tech Specs of my PC:
Laptop running Windows XP SP2
1.73 GHz processor
14.8 GB HDD

Any ideas? Also, post your thoughts about the King's Quest series.

D Sane
12:20 PM on 12.27.2008

Here's my top 10 list, based on how much I enjoyed them, how long I spent playing and replaying them, how much fun I had with them in group settings, and how just plain badass they are:

1. Metal Gear Solid 4

The best series of video games ever comes to an end with this game. I'm playing it through for a 3rd time at the moment and it just keeps getting better and better. If you've played any of the Metal Gear Solid games or if you've just heard me rant about the storyline, you need to play this game. Seriously, the PS3's price tag and this game are worth the cost. Metal Gear?

2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This game got me interested in Metal Gear Solid, so I've gotta give it props. Also, this is one of my default games to sit around and drink while playing it with friends. I wasn't too hype about it before its release, but once I got it, I just couldn't stop playing it. The single player story mode is actually pretty good and of course the multiplayer brawling brings the ruckus. This game is definitely a staple of the Wii and it has refined a series that has spanned the last 3 Nintendo consoles. I'll definitely be playing it quite often until the next edition comes out.

3. Little Big Planet

The creativity involved in the level design of this game is just astounding. Just playing through the story mode is enough for me, but on top of that, they give you the developer tools to make your own levels and share them with the world. Not nearly as good as Metal Gear Solid 4, this game is still definitely a worthy purchase for your PS3.

4. Castle Crashers

The time spent at my house playing this game is staggering. We played this game from start up to completion many many times, mostly because of how much fun it is to beat the living shit out of some bad guys with your swords and magic. Additionally, the fact that you can level up your characters and give them all kinds of badass powers through repeated plays makes this game extremely addicting. People keep saying that Left 4 Dead got the cooperative multiplayer campaign idea down perfectly; I say Castle Crashers did it first and better.

5. Megaman 9

Easily the most ridiculous game of the year considering the technology available to developers, this game is also one of this year's best. It plays upon the fact that I love old school Megaman without giving me any of the bullshit from later iterations of Megaman. I mean, if you give me a game with exactly the same game play mechanics as an old Megaman, I'll love it no matter what. 8-bit 4 life!

6. Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass

Ok, true, this game came out in late 2007, but I didn't play it til this year so to me, it's a 2008 release. It's a direct sequel to the Wind Waker, but with much better controls. Actually, the touch screen controls of this game make it, in my opinion, the best handling Zelda game ever. The developers also did a lot of really creative stuff with the dual screens of the DS. Also, probably one of the best parts of this game is the fact that one part of it borrows the Soloton Radar from Metal Gear Solid, so of course I'm going to love it.

7. Braid

Definitely the most creative game play mechanic of this or any other century is the time controlling of Braid. The sparse story and familiar game play style make it reminiscent of older platformers like Mario and Megaman, but the fact that you can control the flow of time makes this game unique to itself. Plus, it's just beautiful to look at and listen to, and I loved solving the puzzles.

8. Lost Winds

Definitely an under appreciated game of this year, Lost Winds was another platformer with an interesting twist. Controlling wind and using it as a 2nd jump, as well as using it to push fire and water where you needed it to go make this game stick out in my mind as a great game for 2008.

9. Grand Theft Auto 4

Definitely not worth any of the hype it got, but it was still a fun play through. The story was boring, the missions kinda got repetitive, and the graphics made the people look like shiny monkeys in a time where graphics should make the people look like people. But it was still kinda fun. The multiplayer is surprisingly good considering this is the first time they've had true multiplayer in a GTA game.

10. Guitar Hero 2

Though I don't own this game, my room mate does and we got quite a lot of miles out of his broken-ass guitars. I like playing bass or singing, and this is another great "sit around and get wasted while you play it" kind of game.

Best Game Rediscovered in 2008:

Mariokart 64

I'll definitely be rediscovering the badass-ness of this game every year til I die, but this year, it holds a special place in my heart because of how badly I destroyed Tom, Glen, and Glen's brother the other day. December 19th, 2008 will be a day that will live on in infamy because of how badly I kicked their asses. With nearly double the 1st place finishes of anyone else playing, I am single handedly the best Mariokart 64 player in the universe. Suck my dick.