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Cyril avatar 10:24 PM on 02.27.2010  (server time)
Quick Review: Robot Unicorn Attack

What do you think when you see the above picture?

No, don't tell me, I can imagine. The game I'm going to "review" is all about that picture. That is, it's about Unicorns, Fairies, Rainbows, Dreams, Happiness, and Love.

If you browse certain large sites anywhere on the Internet, you'll probably have heard of this game. Robot Unicorn Attack, named for our tragic hero, is a twitchy platformer that's all about speed. The Robot Unicorn's goal is to reach the moon and you must guide him there, breaking through Stars and jumping over huge gaps in the process. The longer you stay alive and the more Fairies and Stars you destroy, the more points you receive. The goal is to get as many points as you can.

This is a perfect example of how keeping game mechanics simple can still result in an entertaining experience. The only commands the player can use are "Jump" and "Dash." You will be doing a lot of both, sometimes both at the same time, and the only way you're going to survive is through reflexes and a bit of luck. While the premise is simple, the game gets faster and faster the longer you survive. After 5,000 points a Dolphin appears and starts increasing your speed. Every few thousand points from there on out the speed continually increases when a Dolphin appears. If you like fast games, you'll definitely enjoy this.

The graphics are very simple. It's a Flash game. Despite this, the Unicorn's animation is very fluid and his mane and tail are constantly changing through the colors of the rainbow. A rainbow also appears when you Dash. The fairy "enemies" are difficult to see, unfortunately, and you can't make out a lot of their details. On the negative side, the backgrounds and the ground sections are both very dull and boring. Fortunately, you won't spend much time looking at them other than the first sections at the start.

The main problem I found with Robot Unicorn Attack is the lack of variety of ground sections. Since you're running in a straight line for a long period of time, you'd expect a bit more variety in the path, but if you play for a half hour, you'll soon memorize the beginning sections of the course, therefore causing the rest of the course to become quite dull other than the reflexes necessary to destroy the randomized location of the Stars.

A more minor problem are a few typos. There's not a lot of text in this game, so where the typos are it's very obvious annoying. One example is "Awate."

What may also be a flaw is that there's only one song playing in the background. While the song is definitely fitting, it's called Always by Erasure, I'm a bit sad that only one was used. Despite that, I'd make the argument that the pace of the music is one reason why the game is so addicting.

Despite its problems, Robot Unicorn Attack is an entertaining game to burn some time with. If you like Flash games and fast-paced platformers, get over there and play it!

Final Score: 7

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