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Cypher avatar 10:46 PM on 12.08.2007  (server time)
The uber-casual gamer? Or just an idiot?

So, some quick background information. I work at Best Buy in the Computers department and right next to our department is the Media depart. which deals with games, music, and all sorts of entertainment shit. Anyway, I was minding my own business in my own department (I really hate saying that word and typing it so much) when this guy walks up to me. He's about forty years old... maybe pushing fifty. Anyway, he's polite and asks me if I can answer a quick question for him. His question is as follows: "Can you play 360 games on the Xbox?"

Huh, he must have had that backwards. I ask him, "Do you mean Xbox games on the 360? Yes, you can... some of the games are backwards compatibl--" and before I can finish he cuts me off, "NO, no, I mean can you play those fucking expensive 360 games on an Xbox?" I'm a bit taken aback and try to clarify, "You mean an actual Xbox 360 game disc in an old Xbox?" He nods.

I actually chuckle a bit and this DID affect his mood a bit. A bit of a scowl appeared on his face and I quickly moved to answer this guy and get away from him, "Uh, no, the internals and pretty much everything between an Xbox and Xbox 360 is different. It's impossible." After I say this the semi-unexpected happens... he flips out.

"WHAT?! What the fuck are you talking about? I bought a fucking Xbox from whatever asshole makes it and you're telling me I can't fucking play the latest Xbox 360 games on it!? What the fuck did I pay all this money for?"

I try to calm him down and explain the evolution/revolution of technology but he's taking none of it. "I'm never buying a Xbox again! This is fucking ridiculous... they should fucking make games for the system! They build a system and don't make games for it?! That's fucking stupid!" and the way he's talking is now directed to me in a somewhat personal level. As if I built an Xbox--- it didn't help I was kind of cracking up during his rant.

He starts walking away and keeps turning back at me, "I'm never buying a fucking Xbox again! Fucking assholes... fucking assholes!" I went from amusement to just stunned.

Did I just meet an uber-casual gamer albeit in his 40s with a trucker hat, horrible breath, missing bottom teeth, and skin that resembles smoked beef with a short fuse and little tolerance for understanding? Or did I just meet a complete idiot with no grasp on technology?

I'm guessing the latter.

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