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Cyberxion avatar 5:45 AM on 09.29.2009  (server time)
Press Start 2 Continue

Looks like my favorite low-budget, homemade, videogame-inspired flick Press Start is getting a sequel, due in 2010. That's a good thing, to quote that disgusting lump of failure Martha Stewart. A good thing indeed.

The original Press Start was one of those rare low-budget flicks that really I really enjoyed. The production values were actually pretty decent (score one for ADR!), the storyline served as a vehicle for the clever gaming in-jokes, and the acting wasn't half bad. Peter Davis' turn as Count Vile in particular was truly inspired. No, really. The guy had me busting a gut whenever he was on the screen. Press Start was an all-around fun flick, and really got me wondering what the crew could have done with a bigger budget and the backing of a major movie studio.

After Press Start, Director Ed Glaser turned his focus to dubbing foreign remakes of American flicks like Rampage (Aka Turkish Rambo) in English and releasing them to the masses, while his Press Start characters appeared to be consigned to the Press Start Adventures animated series. So when I read the announcement on his blog of the impending Press Start sequel, I was pleasantly surprised.

So yeah, this could be a good thing indeed folks. The budget is still likely to be next to nothing, and it's unlikely that any major film studios are going to come knocking, but if the sequel is given the same love and attention to detail that the first was, then it ought to be worth checking out. I for one can't wait.

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