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1:24 PM on 01.19.2011  

What the hell is with the machinima sidebar?

It's annoying, takes a lot of bandwidth and it's annoying. I opened up dtoid in a tab and played a game online, lagging a lot and then I notice the machinima bar and rage.

But seriously is anyone actually thrilled with it?   read

3:10 PM on 10.04.2009  

Prestige Edition are real special, good one Kotick

Basically, the MW2 NVG are cheap and made in China ie. should last you a week if you're lucky. So who ordered this "limited" and "awesome" edition?   read

4:06 PM on 05.27.2009  

Nintendo should die now...

and keep some dignity. I thank you for all of the memories but enough is enough. I loved Super Mario but
bringing him back only kills the memories of me being a 2 year old. I never passed 3-4 levels or remember much
of the game but I do remember spending 6+ hours a day playing it almost everyday and how they're milking him
and other franchises now is killing the little kid inside me.

Anyone agrees with me?   read

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