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Cutie Honey avatar 10:01 PM on 08.13.2012  (server time)
The New Podtoid Adventures, and How You Can Help... WITH SPIDERS!

HEY KIDS! Itís the official announcement for The New Podtoid Adventures!, which are the animated adventures of Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes, and friends. Following the popularity of the last video made earlier this year, Iím making Podtoid into a serialized cartoon companion to the popular podcast.

There's a detailed forum post that has details on everything, including a guide to how the episode is being made:

A preview of the first episode will premiere at PAX Prime 2012 during the 12:30 Destructoid Panel on Friday with the blessing of Niero, Dale, and Jim. Thatís about as far as weíve planned. The full episode will go online in late September or October.

In a nutshell, the first episode will feature the very entertaining "Spiderdman" discussion, in which Jim and Conrad throw a million spiders at Jonathan Holmes.

Destructoid is a community, and I find that bringing as much people as I can on this project in one form or another can help this project out a lot. SO HOW CAN YOU HELP?
Ever wanted to throw a personalized spider at Jonathan Holmes? Well now is your chance!
You can design a spider character for the next animation!

Just download the following .png and draw over the template spider however youíd like in any program.

If youíre a flash user, you can vector over the design with this .fla file.

These Rhythm Heaven Fever themed spiders will get thrown at Jonathan Holmes at an alarming rate until he turns into the Amazing Spiderdman.

Design them however youíd like, the templates linked just give you the body of the spider with a hinting of where the eyes get overlayed, so keep in mind that the eyes will cover those areas. Below is just a few examples of ways your arachnid achievements can be made into animated art. So whether you want it to resemble the color scheme of a real spider, or the eclectic Easter Egg stored inside your imagination, go for it. Just nothing terribly offensive (at least by podtoid standards) please.

After youíre done, post your images (or links) in this blog. Try to keep them in a lossless format like .png. The deadline is August 24th, the weekend before PAX, giving me a possible chance to edit them in. The customized spiders may not get edited into the PAX Panel showing, but theyíll be in the first episode for sure. I donít know how many submissions Iíll get and how many I can technically fit in, but Iíll do all I can to get them all in, if not just credit everyone anyway. Each person is limited to two spiders.

Good luck!

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