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Cutie Honey avatar 10:04 PM on 02.14.2013  (server time)
The New Adventures of Podtoid Episode 2: Development Blog Valentines Day Edition

So TWO months after I wanted to make this post I’m finally starting production on the next episode of The New Adventures of Podtoid. My only excuse was being completely busy, but as one can see…

Movie Defense Force
Corgi Video Game Heroes
Eight Emotions Elicited in 2012
Final Fantasy: ATB Review

It all went towards a good Destructoid cause. But now, the only three things I’m keeping on my Plate are this, my game reviews, and my convention footage. So I’ll be going eating, drinking, and shitting out Podtoid from today onward, and speaking of Valentine’s Day:

Each of these cute cards is a hint to a segment on the second episode… I wonder what they are. There’s also a bigger priority on getting Max and Tara into clips this time around. The running length of the audio alone is going to be 9 minutes, 41 seconds, but with some external help (more on that below) I think it’s very doable.

Seeing as I can casually get about a minute of Podtoid quality animation done over a weekend (alone), I hope to get 10 minutes of animation completed every three months, and if it’s done a little faster than that, more downtime for me.

If people want to know what is considered high priority, it’s these bits in no real order:

I went through my whole database of “this generation of” Podtoid and there were plenty of difficult choices, but these ten in each category stand out to me for different reasons. These are what I want to get done with more than anything else.

I intentionally didn’t pick choices like “Jonathan talks to Psychic Hamburgers” or “Doctor Crack Cocaine” since those were already animated by other people and the last thing I want to do with conflict with some cool stuff other people have already made. Maybe I’ll do them at some point, but for now, I’m grateful someone else shares my sense of humor:

So here’s the release plan: (Barring delays)
2nd Episode: April
3rd Episode: July
4th Episode Preview: PAX Prime (Basically a big circlejerk for me)
4th Episode: November 12th, 2013 (Because 11/12/13 is awesome)
And so forth…

So per many requests and recommendations, I’m recruiting some extra help for this. I have to note that since this is a labor of love (at the moment) for all parties involved, these are unpaid roles.
If you can:

• Animate in Flash
• Illustrate Characters
• Build Character Rigs and Libraries
• Illustrate Backgrounds
• Compose covers/parodies of licensed music

Let me know. While I want to give amateurs a chance at working on some really cool stuff, there’s a certain level of quality I need. It’s not a high bar, but MSPaint artists and those who will need instructions on the difference between modern tweens and classic tweens need not apply.

Email me at: [email protected] and I’ll set up a Google Mailing Group for anyone interested in a week or two. Also, please be professional with your grammar in the email and link your portfolio or examples of your work. With the number of past projects I’ve organized, while first impressions from someone’s lazy emails don’t always mean the person is unqualified, they often are telling of a person’s work ethic.

If you have already attempted to contact me in the past, I’ll automatically add you to the Email group and email you soon when I get everything sorted out. Cleaning up my untitled character libraries and creating storyboards that exist somewhere other than my head is going to take some time, so please be patient for that to be addressed.

Schedules will be somewhat lax as I have enough of my own stuff going on, but I want to avoid situations where someone just stops communicating a week before the episode goes live, so if you’re busy or your schedule is erratic, then this won’t be a good fit.

We’ll assign people short segments to animate or give them some time to design characters/backgrounds that match the “style” I set up for Podtoid.

Thanks and stay tuned for more.

P.S. here's something for BrownEyeWinkin to get excited for:

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