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Cutie Honey avatar 3:28 PM on 10.08.2012  (server time)
The New Adventures of Podtoid Episode 1 Coming Out This Week!

This first animated endeavor is reaching the final stages of production as I just have to make some splash screen animations, lipsync about two minutes of footage, write up the credits, and edit in all the community contributed spiders.

I'm hoping to get this done on Thursday. That's 10.11.12! What a badass date, no?
It may be delayed until the end of the week depending on how much unexpected events and errors occur so no concrete promises, but we're (I'm) doing everything we (I) can do to deliver a quality piece of work.

The official title will be: Spiderman, Brawls, and Abortions and will be posted on Destructoid's youtube channel along with an announcement on the main page.

In this nine minute long NSFW animation that features abduction, torture, divorce, and fetus killing, you'll learn:
What is stopping Jonathan Holmes from being Spiderman?
How Super Smash Brothers Brawl was made
Why Megaman Legends 3 is like an abortion
Is Max Scoville a dick? (Spoilers: Yes)

Overall, this thing took two straight months of work with my weekends completely consumed by animation, and an additional month of pre-production where I had to create all the character libraries.

For now, enjoy these images:
(A Larger version can be found here)

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