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If you can't wait 24 hours, here's a very detailed critique and early look at Sanctum 2 for the PC with my classy video series, Tonight we Try.

It's also the latest in a series of video reviews I've been doing if you're not already familiar with my other video content.

In my video reviews, I attempt to have real honest and deep critique of the products I'm examining, as I've kind of grown tired of "mainstream" video reviews where it's 90% skits and comedy, or unrelated video clips played over someone briefly describing the product for me. Not that's there's anything wrong with gaming videos that try to pander far more than inform, but there's quite a lot of it now and more often than not, the "ran-dumb" sketches aren't funny and pad out what could've been said in a few minutes. I try to level out entertainment with education, but I guess it's all a balancing act on how true I want to be to myself, and how I appear to others.

A lot of reviews also just briefly address things as "fun" or "tedious" without describing examples or going into detail, so I try to use the medium of video to convey what can't be done in simple text. As well as putting some presentation into it so it doesn't look like an assortment of random video clips and can even be listened to without visuals. But in that same regard, I'm also worried about going on too long with video or spending too much time driving a point home.

So rant aside, if you would like to check out any of my other reviews or give feedback, I'd much appreciate it. More like the one below can be found at my Youtube channel:

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