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Cutie Honey avatar 1:09 PM on 08.27.2013  (server time)
Project Diva F - Video Review

Considering picking up Project DIVA F today on PSN? I have a video review here for it that might sway your opinion (or otherwise).

Tried putting a little more meta humor in here along with some more personality. There's a couple extra notes I couldn't cover in the review without breaking up the flow:
When I mention swipes don't clash with buttons, there is one exception with a DLC song (, which clashes quite a bit.
A few extra accessories and achievements are tied to the Miku Room/Petting minigame, but they aren't necessary to "complete" the game.
Earlier Project DIVA games had segments in the final part of a song where 80% of your score is determined at that bonus points, that system has been removed for smaller segments that just dock some of your percentage if missed.
The game actually has a Data Install feature and with a digital version anyway, the load times for the PS3 version are going to be minimal. What a perfect game!

The game drops later today on the PS3. The European release has been delayed to September 4th.

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