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When Jim stated that he wouldn't be coming to Penny Arcade Expo, I and many others were outraged. How dare a corpulent man with a baby's voice take away more of his non-existent free time and not add a long plane flight into his schedule? Then a voice from the heavens told me I need to bring Jim to PAX no matter the cost.

So, like any other US citizen banned from buying chloroform and being near near an airport (unrelated), I created a false idol to share at the Expo, as if he was here with me in spirit (and in my pocket). Bringing him along for the parties, Jim was quite the hit.

So without consent (in more ways than one), here's a gallery of what everyone wanted to do to Jim's body.

Despite publicly admitting he isn't the biggest fan of Jim, Toneman was fine with sharing a drink.

Jim is apparently not fat enough for Gobun.

King3vbo wants even more calories.

Some Dtoiders decided please themselves, even after knowing where he's been.

Niero takes a peek when no one is looking

Max goes right to the punch, and Jordan just watches...

Hamza's mouth says no, but his eyes say yes.

Dale brings out a dancer in Jim.

Tiny Jim learns to Vandalize.

A final farewell from the Dtoiders who stayed past Sunday

So thanks for helping Tiny Jim, and hopefully your true corporeal form will make it out next year.

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