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Curlytop's blog

1:40 PM on 03.28.2008

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2: Have you tried it wet yet?

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 has been the subject of many conflicting views, this blog is not an attempt at a review but more an attempt to shield this game from all the insults it has had hurled at it. Here are the criticisms as I see them;

Too Similar to the Last Game

This does seem to be a big problem for a lot of gamers, although when certain other big franchises come out with a rehash AHEM PRO EVO (and others), this does not seem to be such a big issue! I played the first game to death and I do admit that the game is pretty similar to the first game, but it does have a few unique differences, which make this game more special to me than the first one.

Ranking System

The biggest difference is the ranking system which allows you to gain experience for different exploits in the game. This experience can be used to upgrade your character with new weapons and armour, aswell as allowing you to look like a complete bad ass when you attain some of the higher levels. To me this is more than just superficial as some people believe it is, as it adds a new depth to the game, which the first one did not have. When you do unlock a new gun, such as ** it does completely change the gameplay because that gun kicks ass! Not only does this gun kick ass but it changes your strategy as now you can afford to be a bit more gun-ho that you could with the weaker guns with smaller clips.
The ranking system also reduces the amount of frustration you get from being popped by an enemy who cannot possibly have seen or heard you yet! Thoughts of earned experience soothe the irritation, whereas in the last one it just resulted in many broken 360 pads and the sad loss of many friendships. You also learn that when you start the level again, to save a couple of grenades for the cock who shot you last time and then spend ages shooting his corpse and laughing because you really hate him and everything he stands for.


The run feature, has also been subjected to much criticism, some people do not like it as they believe running ruins the realism of the series, but I wonder since when do people not run? Running in the game can be quite useful to escape a clusterfuck of enemies that spawned infront of you, just because you were actually going to complete the mission this time, whereas in the last one you were just well and truely boned. That said running is not something which you can rely upon in your strategies, because it just will not work. This leads me to feel that it is another good addition!


I'm not going to stick up for the storyline of the game, but to me, the fun of the game is in the strategy, especially when you snake cam a door and the burst through and brown bread them all before they even have chance to scream, so I would not let that put you off. For me the experience system has proven to be a big enough incentive to make this game a worthwhile purchase, as I to was unsure. For these reasons I would recommend it to anyone who is still so-so on the idea of purchasing this game although for those of you who did not enjoy the first, I would recommend you save the money up for your brain medication :p

I cannot wait to get my copy back off my thief friend who will pay very dearly, so that I can try out the online modes some more, as multiplayer for me is were this game shines. If it will make any of you feel better, you can have a free code because I love you all so much that gives you an extra map. Go onto the main menu, then select extras, then “Comcast Gift” and enter “Comcast Faster” and hey presto, a new level! The new level was a nice find for me as I have finished all of the terrorist hunt maps and most on realistic, so I am desperate for more new maps! Until then I think I might try and resume my life, although I hear it calling me still...LEAVE ME ALONE TOM CLANCY!!


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