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2:16 AM on 07.05.2008

[rant] Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

The Question:
Why do I continually read (I don't remember where) people saying to stay away from this game? Or being mocked for actually buying the game.

The Answer (I don't have any answers):
I'm enjoying this game. I think its pretty good. I've only started playing this type of game since Guitar Hero III came out and I find the songs on Hard a little challenging. For anyone who wants to remind of how much harder Guitar Hero II is: I'm still having difficulty with Medium in that game.

I don't really care what Aerosmith songs they included in the game. Remember it is a game. I think the songs on this Guitar Hero are more fun to play than the Rock Band or Guitar Hero III. That is to say... I'm having more fun moving my fingers around playing this game than the others.

A Magical Combination:
Within minutes of playing this game my wireless Les Paul strum bar stopped strumming down and I can't return it or get it fixed free or even have the tools to open it. By some miracle I have the magical combination of Xbox360 + Guitar Hero: Aerosmith + Rock Band Guitar = I don't have to buy a new guitar to play this game. From what I've read this is the only combination of System + Game + Other Game's Guitar that works in a game it is not supposed to. For anyone that might not know your Xbox360 Rock Band Guitar works with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

Bonus Question:
Why can't I beat Mama Kin on Hard. I just have that song left and then the encore.   read

8:31 PM on 05.18.2008

The So Called Introduction Post

I was born in the 1981, allegedly the last year for Generation X, I read about Generation Y and I think what they have going on is more my style.

First system I remember playing is Intellivision. It belonged to my brother, he had an Atari but I don't think he ever let my play it.

The NES is where I officially started I guess. I played Bionic Commando and Rygar over and over. When I finally beat Rygar I ran outside screaming, "I beat it! I beat it!" (I hated that you could never save your game in Rygar). Ducktales and Megaman 3 got heavy play too.

To make the rest of this post shorter....

My favorite game is probably Final Fantasy IV and I can't wait for it to come out on the DS. When I get the DS version I will add it to the SNES, PS1, and GBA versions I own. I haven't beat Final Fantasy V or VIII yet... and I'll have to get a PS3 just for FFXIII I suppose. (I won't apologize for liking Final Fantasy either.)

I skipped out on Nintendo for a few generations (N64, Gamecube, and about a dozen GameBoy variants). I have the GBA Micro, DS, and a Wii.

I spend most of my time on the Xbox360 now.

Currently playing: Ninja Gaiden DS, GTAIV, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey   read

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