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CthulhuFtaghn's blog

3:08 PM on 08.19.2008

Character creators will be my downfall

Pardon my absence, but I've been playing Soulcalibur IV a lot. A lot. And not even really playing it, oh no. That'd be too simple. I am spending most of my time in: 1. The Tower of Souls (maybe 20% of the time) 2. Online mat...   read

2:14 PM on 08.05.2008

RPGWare: Smooth Menus

Pardon me as I butcher the good name of WarioWare for my post title, but SNK's announcement of Kimo no Yuusha got me thinking: is 30 minutes short enough? I'll admit that Kimo no Yuusha holds some appeal for me, especially s...   read

12:34 PM on 07.15.2008

The Microsoft press conference

Gotta hurry up and get this in before Sony's presser starts. The MS press conference was actually a positive and negative experience for me: positive because Microsoft brings all the win to the party to counteract the big b...   read

12:21 PM on 07.15.2008

The Nintendo press conference

Well, that was an unmitigated friggin' bucket of fail. I think Joystiq summed it up best by saying the exact opposite of what was true: "As it wraps, we have to say that Nintendo did a pretty good job of trying to show that ...   read

7:55 AM on 07.14.2008

Bring on the info onslaught

Ah, E3 is rolling around again. Too bad it's only a shade of its former self, but what can you do? There's still a ton of info to be heard, apparently, and while I'm not discounting any major surprises, here's a short list in...   read

12:10 AM on 07.03.2008

Off to MML7

Off to Million Man Lan 7! Hope to see some of you there! If you're in the BYOC, I'll be in BYOC Section Alpha, Row 8, Seat 8. Stop by and say hi! I look like this, only wearing a Mass Effect shirt instead of a blue sweater, and the ugliest Goddamned pair of plaid shorts on Earth:   read

9:17 AM on 07.02.2008

Concerto Gate; or rather, lack thereof

I really wanted to try Concerto Gate. I even sat yesterday and claimed (and registered!) a beta key, sat through the 400-odd MB download, installed it, and... well, now I just get this when I try to run it. That's a reason...   read

7:04 AM on 07.02.2008

A cast of thousands: the Duck Hunt dog

I remember my first meeting with my pixelated archnemesis. Oh, do I - I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 6, stuck in the middle of frigging nowhere during the summer, hanging out with my cousins at my grandparents' sw...   read

7:50 AM on 12.12.2007

The most exciting deflicker option *ever*

The newest Smash Bros. Dojo entry pretty much confirms it: Sakurai has run out of anything interesting to confirm. I mean, c'mon, who gives a damn about seeing... dun dun DUNNNNN THE DEFLICKER OPTION or ERASE DATA I ...   read

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