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Cryowolf 's blog
I'm a semi-young (mid 20ies) gamer and copywriter from Sweden (and residing in Sweden) that spend the majority of my gaming time in roleplaying games, Japanese and western alike. I got into gaming at a very young age, I don't think I was more than 3 years old when I got my first Atari Junior 2600 imported from Mexico with over 70 preinstalled games and played some of the strangest games and some of the coolest. My Atari survived for a long time, even through the purchase of my first Nintendo Entertainment System when I was 6 years old in 1991.

I quickly built up a library of games and when I turned about 8 I discovered a Swedish gameshop that actually traded games, this was unheard of to me as Sweden did not have gamestop or bestbuy. This little store called TV-Spelhuset quickly became my favorite stop as I exchanged a few games every month, adding some of my hardearned (i.e allowance for doing nothing) cash to the mix to keep up with the demand. I still had no idea about Super Nintendos existence and Europe or Sweden in particular was quite far behind on the console technology unlike today.

By the time I got a Super Nintendo I also purchased a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) and Sonic quickly began to rank up there with Super Mario Brothers 3 and eventually Super Mario World. At this point in my life I didn't have any gamer-friends. In fact they were all bewildered by the technology I had in my possession and Mario Kart quickly became a very valid reason to throw an invite to 3 friends.

In the winter of 1995 I got my first Playstation, I don't remember if I bought my Nintendo 64 before or after that but it quickly began to collect dust as most games I enjoyed were being released on the then titled PSX. My first game was a very ugly fighting game called Toshinden that became a favorite among me and my friends. At this point I still did not have a PC and had not been introduced to any RPGs on the NES or SNES so my first experience ever and introduction into the roleplaying game world was Suikoden.

Suikoden quickly became a favorite and it was not until Final Fantasy 7 that it was dethroned, I continued to purchase game after game on the playstation and mostly my interest revolved around roleplaying games. I also owned a Sega Saturn at this point but the only game I have vivid memories of from this console was Dragonforce. Dragonforce is probably one of my most favorite games of all time, it was so simple and yet so amazing for a kid my age.

My gaming career continued although it was not as new and exciting as it had been before, I bought a playstation 2 and an xbox and had my first taste of Bioware as I purchased Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. The two best games I ever played for the xbox and at this point I was an indoctrinated bioware fanboy.

My PC Gaming experience was quite different, I got my first PC when I was 12 and played a lot of half-life and eventually Team Fortress Classic in which I spent the majority of my gaming until Tribes 2 and Battlefield 1942. I felt the shooter genre on the PC declined after this point and it wasn't until Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 that my interest in the FPS genre was rekindled.

Today I'm an avid roleplaying gamer and I still play Team Fortress 2 but awaiting Diablo 3 and The Old Republic for my other online gaming needs. Singleplayer experiences I'm looking forward to are definitely Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, I certainly hope neither of those let me down but I don't think there is any risk that they will.

So if you read all this and you're still not ready to hang yourself upside down by tying a rope to the floor and inverting gravity, then thank you for your interest ^^ And if you've hung yourself by inverting gravity, I hope you left a note about how you managed to invert gravity...You know, for science.

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