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Crunshiii's blog

9:51 AM on 08.30.2010

ATI IS DEAD!!!! Nuuuuuuuuu1

AMD, owner of ATI, has decided to not really kill their graphic department but to basically to kill the brand name ATI and switch to the other names: The first non-ATI graphic AMD cards will be released later this year, ...   read

4:49 PM on 03.11.2008

PS3 to slash 360 in Europe 20-40%, and Scorpion Fatality the 360 in Japan

Interesting how the PS3 goes from one horrible year for the PS3, being far behind the other 2 consoles and being the most underwhelming system in the year to rank back on top in a 2nd & highly possible 3rd month straight of s...   read

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