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Char & Mix created the Crunsh-Meme!

Mix started it all with this one... yep I am still trying to make it out lol/

Nice one Captain Bus!


OMFG MIX Im sorry but this much fucking talent is going to the TOP OF THE LIST!!!
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tl;dr: just release the PSP2 at $199 and you win.

Is that simple.


Idc bout anything else, I already heard everything by the comment "PSP2 has PS3 graphics" ok thats good and all, but games will be pretty much in par with the N3DS and no amount of graphics will save the PSP2 vs the N3DS in sales... except the price.

N3DS is tagged at $250... thats pretty much a PS3, so while it is considered a good entry level price tag for new technology, what I have seen is the same BS of 3D bloat-ware games with the words 3-D next to them. Each time I see a game (or movie) with the 3D words in the title makes me wanna puke my breakfast.

Please. Stop. It.

Keep 3D as a label tag on the game or on the movie to let the user know, but don't embed it in the title because it proves to me that w/e im going to see lacks originality. You might feel different about this from me but it is my perspective.

Pilotwings Resort
nintendogs + cats
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
Madden NFL Football
The Sims 3
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
Ridge Racer 3D
Dual Pen Sports
Super Monkey Ball 3D
Thor: God of Thunder
Samurai Warriors Chronicles
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Asphalt 3D
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars
Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D
Rayman 3D
Rabbids Travel in Time

Sony, if you release the PSP2 at a $300 price tag = Fail
$250 = Nice try, but 3DS will beat you once again
$199 = might have a good chance on winning this upcoming round.

Oh yea, you can release the specs info + images anytime you want, people will be amazed I bet, but in the end it comes to how you can reach your targeted audience and Nintendo has them by the balls. So apart from the insane graphics that challenges Infinity Blade on the iPhone/iPad and possible 3D capabilities with accelometer/gyroscope bs, what will you offer to convert the 200 million DS players to the PSP2?

Why in the world would I want to play the worst character lineup in FF history again? (Hope or Snow anyone?) It makes me feel not bad nor sorry for the mess up they did with the highly anticipated FF14 MMO because I think S-E is now finally reaching that level were its leaving a sour taste on peoples mouth each time they mention FF.

Meaning, stop fcuking the series to shit (is it too late already?) and make NEW IP. How SQUARESOFT used to do it. FF was a rare memorable gaming lineage that came only once a year+. Not 10 different titles every 6 months... sheesh... So thats it for Xiii-2

After watching the Versus video I started liking the style...

Now of course... lesson be learned, pretty graphics don't make a good game, and ever since the acquisition between Square-Enix, it has never been more proven than now. So while the game looks beautiful with a dark style and all, im not going to hold my breath until the game is released in Japan (I think they get it first) and hear their reviews.

I honestly wished that Square-Enix would talk to Hinorobu and re-hire him back somehow, Merge with his company, Square-Enix-Mystwalker, I don't care but bring the old man back because its like making Mario Brother games without Shigeru Miyamoto.

Also, stop making so goddamnmany FF games. It's becoming a RECK-FEST.

Well would you look at that... Dtoid is more viral than my last STD. I haven't gotten GT5 yet, waiting for the big fat red guy to bring me something that might make me jump off my feet. Either way nice to see Dtoid everywhere I go :)

much <3, Le Crunshter

I am gonna share a little info with yall since this is the best community I ever been to share any type of topics, Well, its about a girl. There's this girl that ive known for the past 8 years, since she was 14, (no im not a pedophile, but she was even super hot at that age), I got to know her through her brother which was a very good friend of mine until last year or so.

Well trying my best to keep this short, shes hot, cool, a model, can sing beautifully, natural red head argentinian with cute freckles... and loves video games... You can tell that I liked her since she was 14 but obviously I respected the age crap and her brother so I didnt do shit.

Years passed and she finally hit the 18 safe mark, but then One of my best friend actually fall openly in love with her and well I became the nice guy to support him on getting her, but unfortunately he lost and she felled in love with another strong gay guy who wasn't to sure of being straight or gay. She married him at the age of 20, had a kid, divorced at 22. Since then she doesn't really have any family to live with, so she inclined with the very first guy she saw at the moment and moved with him b4 she even finished the divorce. So I lost my chance before it opened up.

Now this brings us to today...

She is not really going anywhere with this guy but hes not a bad guy from what she tells me. She has the casual fights here and there but she is not making anything out of her life living with him. Now here is where I come to you guys for help. I really like her, me and her get super great along with each other and I don't mind helping her raise her kid. No one is perfect and everyone could use a little hand. I can offer her a good house, food, help her with her modeling / photography career, I have the tools to do so and help her study, she can move in with me i'd take perfect care of her. I confesed to her that I like her and im willing to do anything in my power to making her happy whether she lives with me or not. And she told me that if I would have told her earlier she most def would have come with me without giving it any thought.

But here is the bad part...

I'm not the type that would steal a girl from another guy. That's just not me and I would like for her to be happy, so if she is happy with this guy then that would make me happy. But she now tells me she has her fights and things don't really progress much. We talk n txt to each other all the time and we have very open communication, which she told me she would really like to live with me right now, but she can't leave her current bf just like that, its not her style, he's not a bad guy and doesn't deserve getting dumped like that. Which brings me to my question:

What should I do?

Should I stay playing the nice guy role, see & wait to see if she comes to herself and dumps him to come with me? Or should I try and convince her to change her mind? Honestly my mind right now is split and thinks both ways... this shit is not easy and I know it might sound childish & yes there are tons of fish in the sea but man let me tell you, miami is full of ROTTEN fish; I don't go for any girl that just drops in the way, I want the one who makes me happy and that I can return the favor. So wondering what to do now...

9:42 AM on 10.02.2010

I knew it...

and that makes me a really really REALLY sadpanda...

Well first I couldn't even get my damn first name in the game... Crunsh, Crunshii, Crunshi, Crunshiii were all taken. Then I had to also pick a Surname and THAT also couldnt be identical to other players... ugh... So that was a mission, I couldn't select my name in the server that I wanted (mysidia) so I had to actually go to another server, Palamecia.

So finally after all the giberish of making the character and finally starting, I went to the controls config and noticed that I cant set the controls how I really wanted. I thought someone from the ff forums told me that it would be fixed for retail version, but no, actually it got worse.

So w/e, I went to start grinding, may be this would make me feel better and bring the nostalgia back but as of right now I guess it is a bit premature to give my opinion because I am not really feeling the controls so thus affecting the way how I play.

The sad thing of all of this is that I am not really falling in love for 14... which is bad. I was expecting that 14 would bring back my addiction but instead has left me like this...