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psst... hey Sony, to beat the Ninty 3DS...

tl;dr: just release the PSP2 at $199 and you win. Is that simple. -- Idc bout anything else, I already heard everything by the comment "PSP2 has PS3 graphics" ok thats good and all, but games will be pretty much in par wi...


Xiii-2 = F No. Versus Mmmmay be.

Why in the world would I want to play the worst character lineup in FF history again? (Hope or Snow anyone?) It makes me feel not bad nor sorry for the mess up they did with the highly anticipated FF14 MMO because I think...


oh my, I got Dtoid on my GT5 emails :D

Well would you look at that... Dtoid is more viral than my last STD. I haven't gotten GT5 yet, waiting for the big fat red guy to bring me something that might make me jump off my feet. Either way nice to see Dtoid everywhere I go :) much <3, Le Crunshter


Ok so this is not exactly a game question...

I am gonna share a little info with yall since this is the best community I ever been to share any type of topics, Well, its about a girl. There's this girl that ive known for the past 8 years, since she was 14, (no im not a ...


FinalFantasy 14 DTOIDERS!!! May I have your attention PLZ!

I just wanted to announce that a bunch of old friends of mine (cool people, no drama) will be joining the Mysidia server when the game launches next Tuesday. I hope that Dtoid members stick together as playing with cool people always helps on the long hard road ahead of grinding to end game. Hope to see you guys there! Ganjookie, hope you get a job soon and re-order the game!


The best gaming MOBO has Arrived!?

FELLOW DTOIDERS!!! Looks like the Official Affordable Gaming Mobo has arrived! EVGA X58 SLI3 Ive been window shopping for a while to get the next-gen in PC parts, and looks like this is the best value for your buck on a SUPA...


Hey is there any SC2 FNF @ Dtoid!?!?!

I looked at the forums but alas I am a forum newb ; ; Ive been playing SC2 non-stop each night till my eyes get blurry and I can't see my units anymore. It is totally addictive and I was wondering if there is a Destructoid ...


About Crunshiione of us since 7:31 PM on 12.29.2006



Char & Mix created the Crunsh-Meme!

Mix started it all with this one... yep I am still trying to make it out lol/

Nice one Captain Bus!


OMFG MIX Im sorry but this much fucking talent is going to the TOP OF THE LIST!!!

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