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Crunshii's blog

10:19 PM on 12.22.2014


omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!! OMG!!!!

I've seen the previous Naruto games and for some reason they've always failed to impress me enough to get them... but this one... this one! Houston, we have a problem... I just piss my pants! I mean seriously wow, LOOK HOW GOOD IT LOOKS!!!

if there is ever a way to sell a Naruto game, this is it! EPIC fight from the Epic legendary fighters of the past! Something never before seen in the anime or manga! AND IT IS ALL HERE!!! Goosebumps gallore! 

Seriously, they could continue making high-end Anime with these graphics! the fights look intense, every single pixel drawn to perfection and detail! those facial expressions, that Kyuubi! Madara vs 1st Hokage. This looks like my first and final Naruto game!

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN STORM 4!!!! With Bonus at the end!!


4:04 PM on 12.08.2014

Square-Enix, the best Trolling company ever. Glad they did.

So as ya'll heard, SquareEnix had a nice presentation spot at Sony Las Vegas where they (gasp) epicly announced "FF7 4 PS4!!!", and Everyone and their Mothers got Exited (WET) beyond belief! only to be extremely disappointed beyond belief (LOL) that it was just the PC port to the PS4. . .

Square-Enix, Thank You.

I seriously thank you because you haven't tarnished (possibly) the biggest Hall-of-Fame JRPG of all time. Thank you for not doing what you have done to almost all of your other series: FFT-Advanced, FF1, FF2, FF3, FF4, FF5, FF6, FF10, and all the other crapola of remakes that have been made to modern times, that has made gamers wondered, why was this sucky game EVER remade? it Sucks!

Luckily (for now) FF7 hasn't been touched, (Vita prequel doesn't count!) and still to this day remains as one of the most epic nostalgia games EVER played in our memories. If new people haven't played it? and they want to experience what you, me, and many others have from that 1990's Era, then play it as it was originally done.

"You're Welcome",

you get to play the most epic game, in the possibly best console of the 2010's, just as it was intended to be played. THE SAME WAY we all did! If you already played it and are tired of it? then GOOD, no need for you to go back to the past todays days if it bores you; Enjoy the new games coming out which you haven't played yet, if you crave FF, then reserve Type-0, FFXV, and if you can't wait, then get FF14. If you don't like ANY of the current modern FF games released, then go back to the originals and play them as intended or try some new JRPG that is out there, VanillaWare makes some kick ass JRPG's.

But please, don't cry foul for Square-Enix not remaking the most popular JRPG of all-time, and then complain that it is not the same. NOTHING is ever the same. There is a reason why remakes suck and are only meant for people who haven't played the game period. And even these people say the game sucks, so why make it in the first place to have people complain about it.


7:54 PM on 01.12.2012

Thank You Destructoid!

Sup guys, much love to all the old schoolers who remember me and happy new years! Don't go on thinking I haven't forgotten about you guys. I still come here and read the latest just so busy with RL not enough time to blog (and troll bait... lol) like before.

Just wanted to let yall know ive been getting a bit into photography and well, for those who still remember me they know I love swords and the Great Destructoid gave me the best sword present... well EVER! I never been given a sword as a gift, I collect them, and Destructoid really made me shed a Chuck Norris Tear that could cure cancer... so in return I hope yall can appreciate what I have been doing with the sword.

I might do more game based photography, what do you guys think? not sure if I will be good or not, ill let you guys give critic me and from that I hope to learn and get better.   read

1:57 PM on 10.23.2011

anyone notice that weird Blizzcon closing by Tara?

idk... just seemed very weird that closing video at the end. . .


1:24 PM on 10.23.2011

so my friend took my Chaos Eater...

and now she has the power!!!!!!! Nuuuuuuu!

Haha just wanted to say Hi to the Dtoid Community and everyone who's still old school and might remember my old-ass :)

Been working on a iPad game and a FPS but man making a game takes a long ass time, especially more when you learning everything that a real studio would do by a team of 3's. Will keep you guys updated when it is closer to release.

Also even after over 2 years (or close to it) since Dtoid super effing awesomely gave (had to bend over for Jimmy over there!) me the Chaos Eater, I have it as my main prize weapon!!! and look, it even works great as a chick magnet :P

Saludos PAisanos!   read

8:56 PM on 06.06.2011

$250!!!!!! PS VITA WINS!!!!

WoooooooooW!!!!! After from what I saw I CANT WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT!!! I got the DS3D and im (currently) BORED with SF3D being the only fun game on it.... btw what was that Atlus game in the end with the Odins Sphere like graphics!?   read

7:30 PM on 06.04.2011

Hey guys working on a FPS, here is what we have so far.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup Dtoid! Miss you guys!!!

Sorry I haven't been around Destructoid for a while time but been working hard on side projects and some game development. I know its E3 week and the floodgates of game news-hell will open soon.

But if you have some time to look at our game and give some feedback would be much appreciated. It is a FPS style, for now the enemies we are doing are zombies but obviously that will change and depending on the feedback we might add enemies you recommend!






We are actually giving some free tutorials on many of the parts we are doing for this game on i3DTutorials but were still far away to go to finish this game. We are planning a beta version to be released when its more ready.

Will keep you updated and thanks in advance for any comments given.   read

6:39 PM on 02.15.2011

never ordering new games from amazon again

well hope you guys are having a great time playing MvsC3... I got a nice message last night (yep right on the night before the games release) that my order is delayed till tomorrow :( FML!

Everyone is telling me how bad ass the game is and I am ready to play yall!

once I get my game /( ._.)\

btw any news if Yojimbo is back with his PS3? If there is anyone I want to take pleasure destroying is the cowboy him self D:   read

1:18 AM on 01.27.2011

wow... ok ill go right ahead and just say it.


why? well it has Dynasty Warriors in portable HD. Jim approves of this. This is the sickest portable system in the world.

Touch the enemy!


woooow.... MGS4 on the NGS O_O! SICK!!


All jokes aside... I am really, REALLY, frigging impressed. The graphics are sick, the new technology behind it is sick, the gameplay on Uncharted and MGS4 looked just as if you were playing on the PS3, you can now stalk gamer girls that play near you... what else can you ask for!?

"7:34AM Hideo envisions using the exact same game on the PS3 and the NGP. You play the game on your PS3 at home, and out and about you play the same game and same save on your NGP. A beautiful dream, indeed. "This dream is going to come true in the near future, and right now I'm working on this project. I'm sorry right now I can't disclose further information, but I'd like to present what we're doing at E3."

7:33AM Hideo caveats that the clip was actually pulled straight from the PS3 version and rendered on the NGP, which is rendering it at 20 fps. Naturally some graphical reductions will happen for any actual title on the NGP, but it's still pretty impressive."

DAAAAMN!!!! Holy #%!?%?@%@!?%&*G)@#*%.... PLAY GAMES ON YOUR MAIN SYSTEM AND THEN TAKE THEM PORTABLE!!!!! AGHHHHHHH I CANT TAKE IT!!!!! This is the next fkucing LEVEL!

"7:36AM Showing Unreal Engine 3. Starting with the same Citadel demo from the iPhone, but taking it a step further, with a full living environment and realtime-rendered characters."

"Ryan Clements: Dungeon Defenders was meant for the PS3 but was moved over to the portable. And nothing was reduced in the process. The team could make the move over in just one week of development time."
"7:37AM It looks about iPhone 4 quality, but obviously there's a bit more going on in the scene."

ughh... im foaming in my mouth.... ugh.... nothing else can be surpased than this....

"7:41AM "I'm delighted to announce that Call of Duty will be coming to NGP." Surprise!"

7:42AM "When you consider [insert all of NGP's features here], the possibilites are endless."

Ryan Clements: A list of devs is shown, including Grassopper, IREM, Level 5, Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Ubisoft, 2k Games, Rockstar,

ok so after everything that was shown... I have to say that the N3DS is nice... but its childs play compared to this. I would gladly pay $300-$350 for this... If I can play my PS3 games and put them in here to play remotely the same game, that has absolutely a priceless value that doesn't exist.

A couple of key comments from IGN's report that I thought were the highlights of the event:

Ryan Clements: 
Epic rep comes out. Tim Sweeny. They show a trailer of the Unreal Engine 3 running on the device.
Kojima notes that he will reveal the company's plans at E3 this year.
Kojima wants to create an experience where you can play something on the PS3, then put it on the NGP and take it with you and resume your experience.
Kojima is talking about the possibilites of the device.
Think Infinity Blade on drugs.
I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the visuals on these titles is something I've never seen on a portable device before.
Trailer shown that displays an opening scene of MGS4 running on the NGP. THis is absolutely ridiculous.
Oh snap.
Hideo Kojimi takes the stage. People get excited.
Takeuchi quotes as saying, "The stick feels... greeeaaaat!"
Capcom, SEGA, Tecmo Koei, Konami, Epic, Activision.
Kaz is inviting some game creators onto the stage.
Tapping on the avatar shows the games that user was playing recently. This is like a Google Map for gamers, showing when, where, and what people are playing. So much information!
People around you that are gaming are displayed as avatars. So you can actually see where people were.
The Near app records the footprints of your travel, and tracks it.
This gives users the ability to see where their friends are, and what they're playing. All live.
Next in the lineup, Location-based services.
Because the NGP is always connected to the internet by 3G, you'll always be connected.
This UI is absolutely incredible. I never get excited about UI, but I'm actually pretty pumped for this tech.
There's even builty-in message boards thaty you can access.
Impressive stuff, friends.
Sony has developed a "micro-analog stick" which was developed for this platform.
It's just showing Drake standing there in the jungle. Yoashida tilts the device at a wuide angle and shows how the viewing angle is so broad, while the image remains clear.
Sorry I swore back there folks, IGN does not endorse foul language.
Game looks really, really nice. Only a few touches less impressive that Uncharted on the PS3.
Now we get to see Uncharted in action, on the actual portable
I am crying at my desk right now. So. Excited.
Visuals look absolutely stunning.

Via Engadget & IGN   read

9:43 PM on 01.26.2011

wow... so many PSP2 designs... but which one was the closest!

I just realized after looking back at the past 2+ years, there has been TONS of PSP2 designs all over the web... and in a couple of hours Sony will finally unveil its presentation of the

a) PSP2
b) PS4
c) PSP-Phone
d) a Digi-Turd

in Japan... So for stihs and giggles till then... which of these well designed (and some not really that great) will you vote that might look the closest ressemblance to the pretty soon announcement of the PSP2? (if it really is about this :P ).










10 (lol, I will die laughing if it looks like this)

1:53 PM on 01.24.2011

how much would you pay for the entire FF collection?

As I was window shopping through ebay I thought to my self "hmmm, hows the FF section? may be they might have something interesting" So I did a quick ebay search for FF and look what I found, the entire collection of FF games and scraps. And the price tag you ask? well a misly $14,900.00.....

at the beginning I thought to my self that was crazy and stupid, who the hell would pay a brand new car price tag for the entire collection of FF? Well im sure you thought the same, but as I scrolled down the page and started reading the long list and looking at the images... its not just the games but movies, collectible items, original games, limited edition versions and other goodies.

read the friggin list...

Final Fantasy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1. Final Fantasy Cartridge surface : good condition

2. Final Fantasy Cartridge rough surface : good condition

3. Final Fantasy 2 : very good condition
4. Final Fantasy 3 : like new
5. Final Fantasy 1.2 : very good condition

Super Famicom
1. Final Fantasy 4 : good condition
2. Final Fantasy 4 Easy tyre : very good condition
3. Final Fantasy 5 : good condition
4. Final Fantasy 6 : good condition
5. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest : good condition

Game Boy
1. Final Fantasy SEIKEN For Gameboy : good condition

2. Gameboy Advance SP Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Pearl White : Like new
3. Final Fantasy 4 Gameboy Micro Set : Like new
4. Final Fantasy Tactics Deluxe Pack : Like new
5. Final Fantasy 5 For GBA : Like new
6. Final Fantasy 6 For GBA : Like new
7. Final Fantasy 1.2 For GBA : Like new

Nintendo DS
1. Final Fantasy 3 NDSL Limited Edition : Brand new

2. Final Fantasy 12 Revenant Wings NDSL : Brand new

3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates NDSL : Brand new

4. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of times NDSI : Brand new

5. Final Fantasy 4 : Sealed

6. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 : Sealed

7. Hikari no 4 Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden : Sealed

PS 1
1. Final Fantasy Tactics Squear Millenium Collection : Like new

2. Final Fantasy 1 : Sealed

3. Final Fantasy 2 : Sealed

4. Final Fantasy 4 ??? : Sealed ( Crack little on box )

5. Final Fantasy 5 : very good condition
6. Final Fantasy 6 : very good condition
7. Final Fantasy 7 : Sealed

8. Final Fantasy international : Sealed

9. Final Fantasy 9 : Sealed

10. Final Fantasy 7 Preview : Sealed

11. Final Fantasy Collections 4.5.6 ???????????? : Like new

12. Final Fantasy 1.2 Premium Package black magic figure : Like new

13. Final Fantasy 1.2 Premium Package White magic figure : Like new

14. Final Fantasy 4.5.6 Collections Limited edition : Like new

1. Final Fantasy 12 PS2 Console Zone2 Japan ver. : Brand new

2. Final Fantasy 10 : Sealed

3. Final Fantasy 10 Internation : Like new
4. Final Fantasy 10-2 : Like new
5. Final Fantasy 10-2 International : Sealed

6. Final Fantasy 12 International Zodiac Job : Sealed

7. Final Fantasy 11 All version 10 version. include Beta version black box : Like new conditiond and sealed

1. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles include GBA data link : Like new

2. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Nintendo Gamecube console Limited NOT FOR SALE : Brand new
3. Final Fantasy WSC ?????????? Wander Swan : Like new
4. Final Fantasy 2 WSC ?????????? Wander swan : Like new
5. Final Fantasy 4 For WSC : Very good condition

1. Final Fantasy MSX : Very good condition

1. Final Fantasy Dissidia : Sealed

2. Final Fantasy Dissidia Universal : Sealed

3. Final Fantasy 1 : Sealed

4. Final Fantasy 2 : Sealed

5. Final Fantasy Crisis Core : Sealed

6. Final Fantasy Tactics : Like new
7. Final Fantasy Itaki ( Asia ) : Like new
8. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core PSP2000 Limited Include ear headphone : Brand new

9. Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP3000 Include calendar : Brand new

1. Final Fantasy CC Echo of time : Sealed

2. Final Fantasy CC The cystal bearers : Sealed

1. Final Fantasy 11 All version 5 version : Sealed 3 game and Like new 2 game

1. Final Fantasy 11 All version 6 version : Sealed 4 game and like new 2 game

2. Final Fantasy 8 All 3 Package : Perfect Condition all

3. Final Fantasy 14 Limited edition : Use code ID only

1. Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete BLU RAY : Sealed

2. Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete With Demo FF13 : Like new
3. Final Fantasy13 : Sealed

4. PS3 Final Fantasy 7 Couldblack Edition PS3 Console Z2. : Brand new

5. PS3 Final Fantasy 13 Lighting Edition ??????? PS3 Slim 250GB : Brand new


1. Final Fantasy7 Advent children Special package : Sealed

2. Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Limited : Brand new

3. Final Fantasy12 OST Limited : Like new
4. Final Fantasy 11 OST Limited : Like new
5. Final Fantasy 13 OST Limited : Sealed

6. Final Fantasy 13 Guide book Collector Edition : Sealed

1. Final Fantasy1 Docomo : Very good condition


It is a bit off my price tag but man... I did slober a bit over it and even looked at my wallet for a second to only see moths fly out laughing at me. but honestly not bad... If I had the flow I think I might have considered it.. would you?

P.s. just to feel better of my self I finally was able to get a copy of Star Ocean International for the PS3... still haven't opened it but ive heard good stuff about it and it was so hard to get.   read

12:19 AM on 01.24.2011

this is...

to damn epic...

[embed]192345:35629[/embed]   read

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