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8:36 PM on 06.21.2009

The Last Guardian comparison [video]

Gametrailers has made a comparison video between the old target render and the new up to date E3 trailer.

click the following link to watch:

I didn't embed it because you need to watch it in HD.

Anyway a few thoughts on the video.

1- The textures look much better. specially the chain where you will notice that in the target video it looks like it was made by an amateur but in the final version it looks more detailed and professional.

2- Kitty dragon looks much better (obviously). But the eyes are completely different. In the new version you will notice that it's eyes are more watery. Cuteness level overdose anyone ;)

3- The Boy, on the other hand, I really wish they made him a little more detailed than this. If you compare the level of detail on the soldiers to the level of detail on the boy, you would feel like they are vastly different. As if they are from 2 separate games. One problem I had with SoTC is that I didn't notice wander skin has changed until the very end of the game. So for me I think the Ico team needs to really flesh out their main characters like they do for the rest of the objects in the game.

Anyway these are my thoughts on this comparison. What do you guys think.

P.S. My favorite game of all time is SoTC so I'm really looking forward to this game when its released.   read

5:58 PM on 06.18.2009

My theory on the Rumored New MS console

Before I start, I would like to state that this is just me rambling. I know a thing or two about marketing so this is my theory of how Microsoft would do if it introduced a new console with Natal.

You know what I think. It would most likely be a 360 but with a different name.

Not only that, but it would be able to play 360 games and the 360 would be able to play it's games.

This is what would probably happen: In 2010 the 360 would get a $50 price cut before the new console launches (or at the same time). and this console would launch at a price of $299.99.

But there is a catch, even though the 360 would be cheaper than this new console, if you buy the Natal camera it would basically become pricier than the 360. This is the same trick that MS uses when selling their hard drives.

So in summary:

in 2010

New Natal console = $299.99

Xbox 360 pro = $249.99

Natal camera = $99.99

Xbox 360 pro + Natal camera = $349.98   read

5:43 PM on 06.08.2009

Natal is not for us

I don't know why, but many people seem to be fooled by this new gimmick. What kind of games do you think us hardcore gamers would be playing on this thing?

will I be able to play my halos or my Gears of wars? Will my Alan wake be playable on this thing?

Yes there are some games that will take advantage of this technology, but I wounder if these games are actually what we care about.

I hear that Burnout played really well on this thing. But I had a really bad experience with motorstorm's six axis controls as well as the bad experience I had with mario kart motion controls on the wii. I won't judge it just yet based on other games but I will wait and see how this thing turns out.

The reason why I feel a little uneasy about this thing is because of the way Microsoft is marketing it. Did you see the Natal promotion trailers? It is the exact same promotion technique Nintendo used. Pay a family to sit down pretending to have fun playing this amazing technology. Oh yes, and remember to smile while doing so.

All in all I wouldn't be buying this thing until I see a few games that are marketed towards us and not our grandmas.   read

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