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CronosBlade's blog

3:47 PM on 01.11.2009

Playing with others - Playing with my better half.

I don't mean my penis, I mean my wife, my significant other, my soul mate, So to give you a bit of a background, video games are what brought me and my wife together. Her favorite games traditionally have been RPGs and su...   read

4:33 PM on 12.23.2008

RUN, do not walk to your PS3. SUIKODEN is on the PSN store!

$5.99. If you never experienced one of the best PS1 era RPGs, this is your chance. Consider that this and it's sequel Suikoden II are high priced to get a physical copy of. Now Konami, get me S2 on the PSN please.   read

12:18 PM on 12.01.2008

One of the worst things I've ever seen in a game.

Nevermind the fact that the game itself sucks (I at least got a small laugh out of the original Blitz) but Blitz the League II did something I've never seen before. Hold on to yourself, cause you might wince in pain...   read

9:18 AM on 11.06.2008

UPDATED - First Impressions - Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3)

Update- For all who read earlier I left off one big negative. No Online Vs. :( So Namco Bandai's Naruto fighter is out. I was highly impressed by the demo so I went ahead and picked it up. While I haven't gone far enough ...   read

5:21 PM on 10.16.2008

SSFII HDR changes in rebalance mode

Capcom has released a list of the changes to each character in Super Street Fighter II HD Remix OMGWTFBBQ. Of course if you're not happy with the list, you can go back to Original mode which plays like what we're all used to....   read

1:29 PM on 10.09.2008

KOF XII Gameplay video - RAIDEN

From the floor of the Tokyo Game Show, three minutes of gameplay Terry vs Robert Terry vs Raiden Raiden vs Kyo Raiden looks amazing. Combining a new look, being redrawn and the new animations make me drool.   read

9:43 AM on 10.09.2008

I angered the gaming gods last night.

I talked about Sony losing an exclusive series they've had for so long, and my punishment has been handed down. I got home to find a copy of NBA Live 09 in my mail from Gamefly. Eager to give it a try so I could decide betwe...   read

7:34 PM on 10.08.2008

Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion just went multiplatform

Yep. No longer a PlayStation exclusive series. In a video over on Gamespot, the game director says "Game will be out in Fall 2009 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360." You can see the video interview here if it loads EDIT - They took the video down at some point. Oh well. Wait for it to return at some point. EDIT 2 - God I love Youtube.   read

2:43 PM on 09.26.2008

Gameplay video of Gouken in SF IV

That's right, Gouken (or Shen Long) is in SF IV. The conditions to get him to appear are: 1. No continues 2. You can't lose the first round in any fight 3. You have to get a certain number of perfects depending on # of rounds what the machine is set to. On a standard machine (best 2 out of 3), you have to get 2 perfect rounds over the course of your gameplay. Otherwise, say hi to Gouken!   read

9:28 AM on 09.18.2008

KOF XII Gameplay video - I came.

I don't have words for this. So beautiful. Fighting in the shade is a nice touch as well! One thing to note, it looks like special moves can cancel each other out now? Not sure, need more research.... You can also go to the youtube page to see it in a higher quality as well   read

9:06 AM on 08.22.2008

New Trailer for Tatsunoko vs Capcom - 2 new characters. MegaMan is in, just not the one you think....

Indeed, Rockman Dash AKA Megaman Legend in the US. So yeah it's a MegaMan, just not the ones any of us expected. I guess this explains the background with the Servbots we've seen in earlier trailers. No Tron Bonne :( I'm not sure who the other character is though. Still, game looks hot. WANT.   read

11:48 AM on 08.08.2008


So I beat Braid last night, and it was awesome. I've been very happy with the full experience to this point, it was well worth the $15 I plunked down. Yes, I'm doing gibberish here so that none of the spoilers show on the blo...   read

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