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CronosBlade avatar 11:37 AM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 thing you don't know about CronosBlade

1)I was engaged once before I met and married my wife.

2) During the 2004 Elections, my boss and I were traveling for business. in Tennessee. We crashed both the Republican and Democratic Parties in two different hotels by switching the buttons we were wearing. I was so drunk that I barely made it the next morning to lead the training classes.

3) I have a framed and signed photo of me and Lou Ferigno together.

4) For my job I stayed two weeks straight in New Orleans 2 months after Hurricane Katrina hit. It's an experience and a sight I will never forget, sadly.

5) My wife and I met online, she's from New York, I'm Texan. Here we are almost 7 years later.

6) I've made mentions to people before, but I was a Gamefaqs moderator for over 7 years. I don't know how I survived that place, but I ended up here.

7) Along with Item 6, I also used to write FAQs. I've got one of the largest Phantasy Star Online FAQs for the Dreamcast. I also co-wrote one of the biggest Gran Turismo 3 FAQs as well. If you find these, you'll find my original online name. (I became CronosBlade when I left GFaqs).

8) My favorite movies are mob movies. I can quote Casino and GoodFellas line for line.

9) Anyone remember when Blockbuster ran a video game contest? The contest was a timed run on Sonic 1 and two other games, with high scores advancing,I made it to the regional finals in San Antonio at Sea World before losing by 1 point in NBA Jam (when my player missed a layup with 4 seconds in the game).

10) I am almost legally blind in one eye.

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