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CrocBox avatar 6:32 PM on 07.26.2009  (server time)
MSS: My Shirt Sleeves Are Around Here Somewhere Edition

Back again with TWICE THE CARTOONS! Adding some padding to my nostalgia hammer is Sam & Max: Freelance Police and Earthworm Jim, now making the pre-show a 2 hour block! Then to calm you down from your animated high we have this weeks experiment: Future War. Imagine Terminator if it was god awful, had no Arnold and add dinosaurs. This movie is SO bad that even while it was filming the cast and crew constantly joked about it being the sort of thing to appear on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and so it did. Enjoy!

5:00PM PST
Pre-Show: Sam & Max: Freelance Police

5:30PM PST
Pre-Show: The Real Ghostbusters

6:00PM PST
Pre-Show: Transformers

6:30PM PST
Pre-Show: Earthworm Jim

7:00PM PST
Future War

As always if you wanna see something in particular let it be known in the comments.

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