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6:00 PM PST
Pre-Show: The Guild Season One

7:00 PM PST

Tonight's experiment - Prince of Space - is the charming story of how a young Prince ventured out into the black in hopes of returning to Earth one day to become one of the greatest artists of all time. Oh wait... Never mind that's a screenplay I'm writing. Hold on just a moment here...


Ah, here it is. Prince of Space is the English title of a film that is actually a combination of two films that were based on a television series by the name of Planet Prince, which was created to capitalize on the recent success of the Super Giant serials. I honestly can't tell you what exactly these shorts were about but it is classified as a superhero show so one could assume they involved lots of people with super human abilities clashing over all sorts things. And in space.

If anyone wants to see a specific episode or short let it be known in the comments section and I will try and secure them for you.

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