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Critical Damage's blog

4:43 PM on 09.11.2009

Critical Damage Issue #0


I guess I will start by introducing myself. My name true name was lost years ago. Now a days, I go by many things: Frag Mortuus, DiG1T4L Gamb1n0, Whales Vagina, but you can call me Critical Damage.

Ive actually been lurking on Dtoid for a few years. Early on I had many failed attempts to get login info setup. Of course that was when the servers were eating email addresses and usernames (back in the Suma days). I eventually became frustrated and decided I would just observe, love, and stalk.

Then one day I decided ENOUGH!!!! I want to once again attempt to create a profile on my beloved Dtoid. Off I went galavanting around the website like I own the place. Clicking on links, creating logi....... well, almost. You see I tried, at one time, to use my primary email and username to participate but apparently the login troll ate those. For when I tried to use them again, I got the error message of doom, saying that both items were already in use. So after attempting to contact our mighty host about getting my identity unlocked (to no avail, but hey the man is busy being awesome), I decided to move on. I would form a more amazing email address and username. One that would make all other email addresses and usernames cower in fear, feel ashamed at their inadequacy, and breath heavy asthmatic weezes when in its presence!!!!!!!!!

I was unable to do that.......

So I settled on creating an email address that only gets used for Dtoid business ([email protected]), and username Critical Damage. Surprised that the name of my choosing wasnt claimed by anyone else. I rode off into the sunset on my unicorn and hoisting my jar of magical mayonnaise towards the sky. I claimed yet another victory in this battle I call the internetz.

I look forward to having an active blog. Hopefully everyone will enjoy my musings.   read

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