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Spencer Hayes avatar 8:26 PM on 02.14.2011  (server time)
A rough guide to the podcasts of Destructoid.

321 Go Cast -JohnnyViral

This show proudly admits that they don't have a script, or a clue for that matter. Each episode is recorded in an improv environment by several regulars, and guests from the community. Listening in each week is almost akin to witnessing birth: it gets mess, it's awkward for everyone involved, and it's fucking glorious. There is a reason why this is one of the longest running podcasts on Destructoid. Also, Tactix is on it. He's a dreamboat.

Airport Road- Mxyzptlk

One of the more underground podcasts on Destructoid is Airport Road, a weekly look at what is happening in the world. Our very own Mxyzptlk hosts this wild card podcast that has previously talked about: Cryptozoology, the TSA, MMORPGs, and more. You may not have heard of this due to the fact that they only advertise in the forums. I mean, who knew we had those?

Bulltoid RandomBullseye

Contrary to what your first impression might be, this show isn't about the host RandomBullseye, but bullshit in general. This show features a cast of three talking about games and the industry in the most profane way possible. You may recognize the other cast members from other parts of the site, like FalconReaper the fighting game champ, or TF_Touya the scamp who stole my heart. It's a good time all around.

The Destuctoid Communicast -CrimeMinister

A podcast for the community, and by the community. Each week several community members join some guy called CrimeMinister (dumb name) as they talk about the games they've been playing, and what has been going on in the community. I'm not sure what it is that these people have been doing for the past few months, but they have been missing in action for quite a while. There has to be some reason for this absence....

Los Angeles Podcast of Destructoid -Alex Barbatsis

A (sometimes) weekly podcast involving some of Destructoid's most outspoken community members. The topics usually start out as games, but devolve into something wildly different. One time they talked about stalking people. This was relevant to my interests as I too am a stalker. There is something delightful about the thrill of the hunt. The stealth you employ as you track your prey. The adrenaline surge that comes with the capture... Wait, yeah, listen to these guys. They are great!

Robo-Chode - IcarusKills

Do you like math? Do you like science? I don't, because I'm basically a frustrated 12 year-old. Fortunately for all of us IcarusKills and company are here to break it all down for us with the Robo-Chode Podcast. This show centers around the nerdier side of things, and regularly features diverse topics such as: science, technology, math, and sexy scientists. They may be a one trick pony, but that trick is damn good.

Zero+Cool -Sean Carey

Zero Cool is the newest of the podcasts, but it has one of the best pedigrees. Sean Carey, A.K.A. the quintessential magnificent bastard hosts the weekly podcast with several current and former Destructoid editors. Every week takes an intelligent yet humorous look at the week's events in the gaming industry. Sometimes Ben Perlee is on. I like him. He's a fine fella.

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