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CreatedByGod avatar 12:51 AM on 06.08.2013  (server time)
Minecraft [Pocket Edition] update 0.7.0 / 0.7.1 review

Hey there,

This is my first blog about the new minecraft [Pocket Edition ] update(s). two days ago 0.7.1 realesed but the day before 0.7.0 version. The 0.7.0 was a big improvement and we had to wait for a long time but Finnaly it came out.
The first look was Amazing but when i start to play the creative mode i saw quick a lot of bugs. So i said to my friends : Minecraft ( Team mojang) Will be update very quick. Later that day at home i Saw 0.7.1 Released with bug fixes. ( like i said ).

So lets talk now about the good points and bad points.

Good points:
1:Graphics much better !
2:new Menu easy to controle and better layout.
3:New inventaris ( lava/ water bucket , milk, cake, Animal spawn eggs and more .....)
4:Login to Realms online service with mojang account

For me is point 4 very important Because mojang takes the pocket Edition very serious They don't see it like a app that only makes money they see it like a part of minecraft and that gives the players maybe a better feeling to play the Pocket Edition.

Bad points:
1: the new online service called "Realms" doesn't work good at this moment or work not.
2:you  Can't quit and copy a map from someone else.

That where all bad points
That was all for now.  


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