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CreamyGoodness7 avatar 2:32 PM on 12.06.2009  (server time)
Like awesome things that are free? Try Personas for Firefox

A relatively new add-on by Mozilla Labs has been released that serves to replace those craptastic themes of the past with stuff that actually looks good! Said add-on is Personas and what it does is simply reskin the header and footer of your mozilla window with a high-res picture. I've posted a couple of the available persona's in the image above but there all chopped up and sad so for more examples in there full sized glory (1280x1024... meh my monitor's kinda small) click the link below... Note: I changed my Windows 7 theme as to fit the Personas better for each example

If you need a couple more reasons to immediately go download Personas your in luck, I have five...
1) You can access Persona's straight from your toolbar

2) As you can see in the image above the toolbar actually has a rather robust list of options in terms of what you can do without having to access the website so you'll hardly ever be jumping over toGetPersonas to try find cooler stuff.

3) While looking for a persona to use you don't have to apply the Persona to see it. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the image and it instantly shows a preview of the Persona you picked over the one you were using. This is perhaps one of Persona's best features because what could have, and usually is for programs similar to Personas, been a long tedious process of looking for a fitting theme becomes a simple, streamlined way of finding something cool to wear.

4) You can create your own Personas, which you can edit from the Persona's toolbar but have to create at the website, and this is one of my main reasons for putting this community blog post on Destructoid but more on that later...

5) If you're having trouble creating a theme there's a really nice tutorial on how to upload persona's here...

Sadly though the one problem I've found with Personas is that they don't have a very dedicated Videogame section (technically they don't even have a videogames category). But that's why I'm posting this here on Dtoid! The community at this website never fails to churn out some amazingly creative and beautiful stuff so I thought that if a little of that creativity was applied to custom Personas in no time at all a huge library of awesome videogame (or other cool shit in general) would start to make there way into the collection. Maybe that's shooting a little high right off the bat but even if all this post does is get a couple of people to try this service I'll still be 100% satisfied.

Looking at this post again I realize I kind of sound like the equivalent of a Mozilla telemarketer but really if this was Internet Explorer or any other browser I'd be doing the exact same thing believe me.

Note: I thought this would be pretty obvious but just in case... This is a Firefox add-on if you don't use Firefox you can't use Personas

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