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CrazEboy7 avatar 5:12 PM on 01.04.2011  (server time)
All late with the TRON blog.[no spoilers, whatsoever]

Usually when I am really excited for a movie, I'm willing to give the video game a shot. I'll see the movie and I'll still be lost in that world for a few days. I want more. And, that where usually where video game tie-ins come in.

Now, I'm not totally clueless, I know that tie-in games are pretty much always "garbage", but I just can't help myself.

I've been hyped for the new TRON movie for at least a year. So, what chance did I have when TRON: Evolution came out about a week before the movie did? I got my hands on it. That's what I did.

Keep in mind that I had a very low expectation of the game. Based on trailers and gameplay footage, It appeared to be mediocre, at best. And, that it was. Yet, I thouroughly enjoyed it.

While playing the game, though, I was worried that the game may have marred my overall interpretation of the new TRON world that they are trying to convey.

I was way off in assuming that. In fact, not only was the movie better than the game in every possible way. It also seemed like a completely different "world". Similar, sure, but entirely different. It felt more real, i guess.

The movie sparked my imagination better that the game ever did, and I guess that's what made it better.

...or maybe it was the depth perception.

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